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Depeche Mode in Rome, June 25 or all roads lead to Rome

Came back from Berlin only 24 hours left before I had to go to the airport for our flight to Rome.
Rome is my favorite city in the world. I love Venice too but I have so many memories to Rome and Depeche Mode, so I can say, I love Rome most.
The stakes are high, because I saw so many great concerts here.
If I had died after the concert in Rome 2013, my life would have been fulfilled. But I got the chance to live another four years and come back to this wonderful place.
Take the chance to visit this ancient beautiful place one time in your life.
We arrived in a group of three in Rome. I had to wait for another friend, he came directly from Berlin to Rome.
I picked up my luggage and then I got a call from my friend, his luggage was lost and he has to wait at the lost and found center. We decided to wait for him, drank a few expensive beer. But the luggage had disappeared. It was a shock for him, because we wanted to stay a week in Italy. How should this work without his wardrobe?
But time will tell, finally, many roads lead to Rome!!!
Two and a half hour later we went by train to our hotel in Trastevere.
If you come to Rom, don't take the expensive Leonardo express, there are a lot of cheaper local trains.
For traveling in Rom with the metro, trams or busses buy a day ticket, it's cheaper and easier. We bought a 3 day ticket.
Our hotel was a small villa a little far of the center, but not so tourist. A beautiful small neighborhood, well mixed ethnic groups  small villas, with bougainvillea in the front gardens.
I recommend this hotel, not so expensive, really a bargain: Villa Zaccardi.

We have big rooms, a fridge and we had access to a roof terrace, where we enjoyed a lot of drinks in the three days we spent in Rome.
After a small refreshing time we took the tram, which stops only a few meters of the hotel and drove to Trastevere old town. A quarter with many restaurants and bars, where the Romans eat and drink, too. No overpricing or rip-off.

 We had a wonderful great italian meal in a small "osteria". I took a few starter and so I had a good vegan meal. We drank a lot of white wine and had later a few cocktails.

So we came back to our hotel well drunken and waited for two other friends from Germany.
In the meantime I fitted my friend, who had no luggage left, with a beautiful dress from me. This was, of course, due to alcohol.

Next morning....sporty spice ran through the quarters, hills up and down. Not an easy job because it was so hot although it was only 8 o'clock in the morning.
We had breakfast in the "Old Moon" Bar next to the hotel. We became a small voucher for one coffee and a croissant. So we could enjoy the breakfast with italian housewives and retirees, who belonged to the regular guests of this cafe. A real hustle and bustle as Italians like to organize it. A palaver. I love this people, they are honest, friendly and loud.
After 3 days we also belonged to the inventory, we were always greeted gladly.

If you are in Rome you must have a concept, because there are so many things to see and discover.
I was many times here, but one friend of my travel group was the first time here, so we wanted to show her the typical highlights of rome, like Forum romanum, Colleseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican. We took the escalator to the roof of the monument Vittorio Emanuele II, which the romans call typewriter. What a wonderful view from there....there are not so many opportunities to see Rome from above. The queues to the tower of St. Peter's are long, so this is a good alternative.

We had a break in the quarter of the vatican, where we eat a great lunch. Lunch is always good and important in Rome, because after Lunch the most restaurants closing until 7o'clock p.m and in our case we wanted to go to the "Stadio Olimpico" at this time.

But we were stupid, we spent too long on the terrace and also in front of the stadium looking for bootleg merchandise ( the Italians are well known for the bootleg t-shirts and other stuff, but this time there were no flying traders)... when we suddenly heard the intro of Depeche Mode.
I could have cried. I threw my drink into a bush and ran like a madman in the stadium and reached the second song. I missed the moment Dave had entered the stage, unbelievable. But all turned fine, because the mood in this wonderful old stadium was like anywhere else. The whole crowd on the ranks was standing from the beginning. It was the first concert in darkness, no sunlight, only the stars are shining bright in Rome only for me, Depeche Mode and the lovely Italians.

We had so much place in the front of the stage area, the drinks supply was very good, and we sang and danced around with the Italians.
Depeche Mode and specially Dave honored the crowd with many smiles and  an unbelievable powerful show. The poor Dave, it was so hot and he sweated so hard.
He turned many pirouettes, almost like in old times. Once he staggered slightly, he had turned a little too often as they played "World in my eyes".

This was the first concert every song was great. The Italians sang all the time together with the band, it was so much love inside this place, wow, you could have caught the air and felt love. We hugged each other again and again and sometimes also strangers, but they were no longer strangers.
Depeche Mode family, Devotees, for ever and ever!

There was no best song, but "Everything counts" was amazing.
And " Heroes" was so special, the Romans celebrated this song like no other. After " Personal Jesus"
Dave thanked the crowd so enthusiastic, I saw he was very happy and enjoyed the evening like us.
I love this man!!!

It was very difficult to come to our hotel, because the traffic situation at night in Rome is not the best. After an hour waiting we catched a bus, after 30 minutes driving we had to change in another bus for 20 minutes driving. A long way home, but it did not matter because we were so drunken by the concert. We took a last drink together on our roof terrace and felt so happy in our beds. I slept like a rock. It felt like paradise and I thank you, Depeche Mode, for bringing me back to Rome.

Next morning, as we had breakfast, a courier of the airport line brought the luggage of my travel mate. What a great surprise. So we started very well tempered in the city.

We spent a while in the " Pantheon". Please, never miss that. The greatest place in the world for me. It is an old temple but now a church. The cupola has a 9 meter round opening in the middle, through which the sun shines and illuminates the interior like headlights.

Taking pictures could be hard work!

After the "Pantheon" you have visit the Giolotti. The world famous ice cream shop, it's a must.
Then we walked to "Piazza Navona" and then to the " Trevi fountain".

You cannot visit all the great places of Rome, so find sour own way to discover this city. We made a stop in a bar and drank a bottle of Lambrusco. In Italia it tastes great, it's not a cheap quality like we know in Germany. Check it out.
After another wonderful evening g in Trastevere, where we had dinner, this wonderful days ended with a last drink on the terrace at our hotel.

Next morning Milan was calling and we had to say "Goodbye" to Rome.
Hope it won't be my last time.
Amore mio, Roma!

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