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Depeche Mode in Frankfurt, June 20 or one, two, three, four

Slowly the June is coming to an end. The time has passed so quickly since the start of the tour in early May.
Now I am already sitting in the kitchen of my best friend in Berlin and preparing for the long-awaited concert here in the Olympia Stadium.
But that is still future music and this will be discussed tomorrow.
Now my Frankfurt report.
It is more a picture story, because I am already in Berlin as I said. At the same time friends come by plane, train and car and I want to meet them all.

The day started as a normal workday. I went to the office for 6 hours. The weather was fine, a very hot summer day and after work I ate a self-made salad outside on a bench.
After the salad I enjoyed a warm up drink in the sun.
Then I met my travel mates Arkadi and Isa. Arkadi drove us to Frankfurt with his car. We parked 3 local train stations away from the Commerzbank Arena and reached the stadium early. So there would be plenty of time to take a few more warm-up drinks with friends. We also drank some apple wines, which are a Frankfurt specialty. called "Äppel Woi" or "Äppler".
Try it when you are in Frankfurt.

I met this cool guys in front of the stadium. unbelievable cool outfit.

Arkadi and Isa, and Thomas, another friend from Cologne.

Then it was time to go inside the wonderful Commerzbank Arena, a big and modern football arena.
It is the home base of the german football club " Eintracht Frankfurt".
Although it was so hot, they still closed the roof of the stadium. 
Accordingly, it was very humid and warm in the arena.

Depeche Mode makes the people happy. I love this mood before the concerts. You are three sheets to the wind, good friends around you, they all whisper like ants, waiting for the Queen's appearance....
inout case, of course, The Kings.

Sold out! Frankfurt is always a good town for a good concert. 

We walked inside after the supporting group has played. Sorry, I promise improvement.
But I tried to listen to the DJ-Set. Normally you can hear a compiled Dj Set by Martin Gore before the show is starting. After a few concerts all the fans know the DJ Set and by that, you know how long it will take until Depeche Mode come to the stage. The mood boils from song to song higher to the climax when the music stops and you know, ok, a few seconds, then they come out.
But this time I recognize no DJ Set. 
Only the short snippet of the "Revolution" of the Beatles and then the intro and Depeche Mode came on stage, Dave a few seconds later elevated in the back of the others.
We all know the setlist now. No changes, but complete with "Heroes".
Dave was from the beginning in party mood and the audience was infected immediately.
The virus has broken out again.
The infection has me completely under control. 

This time I took notes, because I want to write more about the songs.

Look here the screening in the beginning of " Going backwards"...

and at the end of the song. Later I saw, but I did no picture of it, that in the screening for " Walking in my shoes", the curtain in the room of the guy has the same pattern like this painting above.

"So much love" and we all felt in love with this small skinny man, called Mr. David Gahan.
I need my time on this time to be completely in his hands again, but now I am.
This tiny man has a stage presence, as only a few can keep up.

" Barrel of a gun " with the great ending. Love this version!

"Pain that I used to"... Dave danced like a dervish, all inhibitions are deposited.
His hair is soaked, it gets thinner, but he looks so good.

" Corrupt" is sang like an episode of the bible. Slightly leery, but insistent.

'"In your room". The audience is exactly where Dave wants them to be. Celebrating time in Frankfurt. 
The water is boiling almost, but it is sweat, no water....

" World in my eyes". Dave and his poses. 

" Cover me". Nobody in this big stadium sat. This quiet performance is outstanding. Maybe the best song Dave ever wrote.

Now Mr. Martin L. Gore. Everybody sang the two songs with him.
Dave arrived earlier back to " Home". He sat beside the stage and waved his arms to the song.
I love this moment when the audience sing " ohohohoh" to Home. It is not easy to describe, hope you know what I mean. Can't wait to be in Italy to hear the interpretation of the italian people. 
After home Dave thanked the whole band including the "jangle jellyfish" and the "drum clown".

Andreas is in his element and Dani took pictures this evening. She is an professionell photographer and make great pictures. Check her out on

" Where's the revolution" asked Mr. Gahan. and we all sang this song together with our ruler.

"Everything counts". Great " Kraftwerk" inspired intro. This song drives my tears into my eyes.
I thought on 1983. I saw them in Cologne, Sartory Saal, and the concert started with " Everything counts", that was so amazing and I will never forget this moment. This powerful voice.
One of my favorite songs for all time in my life.

A little bit calming down to " Stripped". It would be nice if we could all be in a bikini....
Then the climax " Enjoy the silence". A long orgiastic climax with my favorite line " one, two three, four", Dave said this before the song ending. It is the second time on this tour, he did, and I like it so much. Dave is our conductor and we all sang" all ever wanted.... is here in my arms....

" Never let me down". What can I say. Frankfurt.... you did a great job.

After a small break " Somebody" by Martin. I love the lyrics of this song, although I have never understood them. The song is like Mr. Gore himself, like a sphinx...

"Heroes". So warmly sang by Dave. I saw his face on the screening, very touching. I Know I will crying when he will sing this in Berlin.
Ok, then the last three songs. " I feel you" is head banging time and " Personal Jesus" is a church service. Our Jesus and we are the disciples.....

An unbelievable concert in Frankfurt. We left very happy and fast the stadium to go back to our car, which took a while because the train situation at the stadium.
We arrived in Cologne at 2 o'clock in the morning and I felt tired and happy smiling in my bed.
( a few pictures was taken by Thomas P., thank you).

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