Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

Depeche Mode in Cologne, June 5, or home match and home victory

Came back from London on Sunday. Later arrived two french friends of mine. I met them the first time in Madrid 2014. We became friends via our connection on Facebook. Unfortunately I had to work on Monday, Whit Monday, my office is open the whole year.

After work I drove to the Rhein-Energie-Stadium in waited in front of the stadium of many friends, devotees to take a picture here for this blog and for the official Depeche Mode Facebook site. I have the honor to take over the site tomorrow.

What a pleasure to be together with all this devoted peoples. There are fans from Argentina: Veronica and Guillermo of Argentina, there were my friends from Brazil : Helge with his daughter Zoe.
It was a sunny, warm day. First stadium concert with great weather for me.
We came into the stadium to hear the support act : The Horrors. But couldn't listen to it, because the whole time I met people I know. It's my hometown and my favorite band. 

then the snippet of the Beatles and the "Where's the revolution" intro and Depeche Mode came on stage. Frenetic applause! And increased as the maestro Mr. Dave Gahan climbed his podium.
From the first moment I knew, that will be an unforgettable concert and evening. And so it was.

Setlist like usual.
After the first two songs Dave greeted the audience with "Good evening, Cologne!"
I was so happy to hear this words. It's great to travel through the world to see Depeche Mode but it is an incomparable feeling when they playing in your hometown. And believe me: the Cologne audience is a party audience. We know to celebrate!

" Pain that I used to " and already everybody jumped the whole song. 45000 people in this great stadium. very good sound, well organized, only the front of the stage areas are a little bit to full with people. Many people poked other people, the Germans didn't like physical contact. Hey, go to spanish concert of Depeche Mode, there standing the people in the arenas packed like sardines in a can and have fun together.
" Corrupt" worked very well in Cologne and then with " In your room" followed by " World in my eyes" the audience started singing with Dave. Crested by "Cover" me. 
I was in love with Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan and the Cologne people. Dave knew where he was, I noticed this. It was a give-and-take relation. 
The two songs of Martin aroused a special atmosphere. Quiet, everybody was listen to Martin, but so intense.... wow, a shiver ran over my back.

Dave came back in a good temper and led us from the quiet " Poison heart" to a revolution. " Where's the revolution" was celebrated so wild, a new maximum.
"Wrong" as prelude to " Everything counts". " Higher and higher".... I 'm searching for words. 
"Stripped" gave us a breather  before the last height was reached. Dave danced liked in old times to "Enjoy the silence" and never let me down", I couldn't believe this. I wanted to pinch my arm, dancing and dreaming....all this really happened?
After the short break the first encore with Martin: " Somebody" and like in Lille thousands of mobil phone flashlights lit up. Goosebumps.

After "walking in my shoes" a german fan action started. Many fans held signs with the imprint: "Depeche Mode, Heroes, ever and ever". I danced arm in arm with my friend Brit. We both were so big Bowie Fans, it was an amazing feeling to hear this song in this big stadium in Cologne.
Many years ago I saw Mr. Bowie at the E-Werk Cologne, a small club, where he sang " Heroes" by himself. dave liked the fan action, he smiled the whole time.

What can I say about the two last songs?
" I feel you" in such a powerful version, the master whips his slaves higher and higher towards the cliff. The cliff is " Personal Jesus", we can dance one last time before we burn the wings like Icarus.
What a final....the band looked very happy as they said "Goodbye to this unique, unbelievable audience. Happy, happy, happy....and very happy that I could leave the stadiums together with my friends. We will never forget this evening, which we have experienced together.

Such a perfect day.
At home I met my french friends. They had "early entrance" and catcher a good place in front of the catwalk and were happy like me about this fantastic performance.

Today we had breakfast together before they went back to France. Thank you Jean-Georges and Peggy for this great 2 days with you, I feel so embraced by your presence and the gifts.

Very excited because the Depeche Mode Facebook takeover. Don't know which posts of me they will publish. 

Thank you all for your support. In the last days I got many feedback and I'm very happy about that.
Thank you all guys for supporting my picture yesterday:
Thank you Martin, Micha, Heike, Brit, Arkadi, Isa, Ohst, Helge, Zoe, Thomas, Timo, Dirk, Andre, Marcel, Simone, Martin, Kai, Peter, veronica, Guillermo, Carsten, Julia, Claudia, Antje, Sonja, Kerry, Penza, Jochen, Christian, Kämpfer,Thomas, Melanie, Marc, Nancy, Claudia, Julia, , Thomas.

Thank you my son Anton to take the picture and thank you, Helge for editing the picture.

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