Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

Depeche Mode in Hannover June 11 or " the train is coming ".

I'm happy to write finally a post by my own. Missed 2 concerts and since the concert in Cologne I'm finally hooked and now I want to see every concert... I'm in a privileged situation, I know, to have the possibility to see so many concerts and travel around. I don't want to whine, but wish must be allowed.

It was a relaxed day, because my train to Hanover left Cologne at 2 o'clock p.m.
We were three friends and was happy to travel by train, sometimes train is more relaxed than aircraft.
So we catches a table and had some drinks together.
But the train stopped in Hamm and nothing happened.
Unfortunately there had been an accident on the tracks with injured people, we did not get any more information. It was announced that we should be there 90 minutes. Fortunately, a regional train went to Bielefeld and from there we were picked up by Cologne friends who were driving by car to Hanover.

It was a bit tight in the car, but we arrived in time for the concert at the HDI Arena, Hannover.
As a group of happy friends we walked into this big and sold out stadium.

( good to know: Small handbags are no longer allowed. It can come to an annoyance at the entrance!)

We were in the front of the stage area, where I met so many friends. We had so much space to dance and we enjoyed to dance to our favorite music together.

A new support group "Algiers" played here the first time, but  we were to late to hear them.
The setlist was the same as every time and the band came on time onto the stage.
It was still very bright and soon it began to rain again, but the atmosphere was so amazing. 
"The engines humming..... get on board!"

Wonderful reunion. With these two I was traveling in America in 2005.

Dave was very relaxed the whole evening, he laughed very often.

It was raining, but who cares when the best band in the world is on the stage?

I was impressed by the fans around me and made pics for you to feel this great atmosphere....

With " Everything counts", the sun went down. The crowd sang a long time with Dave and he was so happy. That made me happy. In Hanover he gave his best. 

And we, the devotees, give our best back to the band. 
A little dance competition!

" I want somebody to share...."

 Meanwhile a highlight for me. I admit it, at the beginning I did not like it.
But now, I like Dave's interpretation. Getting better and better.....

Hanover, what a concert? I came always to Hanover to see Depeche Mode. The devotees here are really devoted.

As if in trance, the concert was over. 

But a long night lay before us. We visited the after show party and danced to very good music the whole night. We had so much fun, I still have to laugh when I think about it!

I found a mop and danced with him. Small tribute to the great Aftershowparty in Belfast 2013.

In the early morning we finally arrived in our hotel. Drunken, tired, but so happy. Was an amazing trip with the Depeche Mode train.

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