Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Depeche Mode in London, June 3 or "Poison heart"

Friday I flew to London. Arrived in my nice small hotel " London residence" near to Victoria station in the early evening. Had a wonderful and delicious vegan dim sum. Then I met a group of friends and we enjoyed a few drinks together! Next morning I ran with my friend Heike from Cologne via Buckingham Palace and the Lady Diana Memorial Walk to Westminster Abbey and back to the hotel. After breakfast we spent the whole day in Camden, visited the Depeche Mode Merchandise Pop Up Store, ate a fast but healthy meal at the Lockmarket and had a few beer in the ice wharf at the canal.
all drinks are very cheap, the place is beautiful. If you come to Camden, visit it.

Then we picked up our tickets at the London Stadium, which is an imposing building. I can't remember, that Depeche Mode played ever in a bigger venue in the United Kingdom.
But this evening was a very special evening for me. As I booked the concert I couldn't know that my all time favorite Football club " Juventus Turin" will play in the final of the Champions League at the same evening.
I thought long about this problem and I decided to watch first the football game in a sports bar near the stadium and after the win of Juventus Turin I had the idea to enjoy the rest of the concert with my friends.
Short summary: Juventus Turin lost this final against Real Madrid. It made me so sad to see how Gigi Buffon lost this game and I went lonely to the stadium. in this moment Depeche Mode played " Enjoy the silence". Soundtrack of my life, yes!  It was very hard to came inside. I could't know at this moment that London had been haunted by another attack ( three men drove with a car in a group of people on the London Bridge and after that they attacked people with knifes. The police killed all three). But there was an assistant, he had pity on me  because I had been crying and let me inside. I came to the end of " Never let me down". It was an amazing mood inside.
Pure electricity.
Found my friends in the golden circle and enjoyed with them the last songs. A great " Heroes" by Dave fitted to my mood.
Met many of friends there.
After the concert we got the information about the attacks on London Bridge. The public traffic broke down and we need more than 2 hours together in our hotel. We sat together and drank a few beer, totally shocked about this unbelievable depravation.
Yesterday morning after another run at River Thames I flew back to Cologne.

I am appalled at the latest attack. I've never been so close. I am sad, frightened, happy to be healthy.
I could feel the panic that pulsed through the city.
In Torino, more than 1000 people were injured because there were a mass panic attack at a public viewing of the Juventus game.
What can we do ? I do not want to give up, but it gets harder.

"You have poison in your heart
Yeah I'm sure of it"

Made a lot of pictures to share with you.
Now I'm back here home. very early morning, because today Depeche Mode will play here in my home town. Will met many friends today and planned to take a picture together with all my friends and devotees. You will find my report here tomorrow and on the Depeche Mode Facebook side on June 7.

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