Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

Depeche Mode in Hanover, June 12 or "pain....again and again"

We slept a few hours in our spacious room at Hotel Zentrum. Not expensive, 5 minutes to walk to the central station, but a little bit scrapped. Then we made a walk through Hanover and I tried to recognize anything, because I was many times in hanover with my grandmother. She left in a small town nearby, but the city has changed since my childhood.

My travel mate studied in hanover and he knew a good Cafe: " Mezzo". They had great vegan options and a had a tasty lentil burger as breakfast. Very funny, we met 4 friends on our way to the cafe. Hanover is not such a big city.

Later we need this for warming up...

First time on this tour Depeche Mode played two concerts in a city. So we were excited, if they would change anything ?

We missed the supporting group again. 
Concerts starts as usual with " Going backwards". The wasn't sold out, but the atmosphere was great again. The hanover devotees made a fan acton at " So much love" with this nice balloons. Wonderful and funny and the band liked it as well.

Dave had a few problems with his voice, but he made one of the best shows on this tour. This is his That is his strength. He gives everything when he can not anymore. He danced the whole time. After such a long time and so many shows I have to say : He is the best entertainer of the world. He is older now, but it does#t do any harm.

" World in my eyes" was one of my fave songs this evening, because Dave turned his pirouettes as in old times. After the song he thanked Mr. Andrew " Fletch" Fletcher!!!

No change so far, but Mr. Martin L. Gore was now on the spot and did a very good job with " Sake the disease". First setlist change on this tour. The crowd was impressed and sang the song with him.

Martin Gore had another special surprise for us. He began the song, but he was singing wrong in the beginning so Peter Gordeno changed back to " Somebody". Martin laughed and then Gordeno switched back and Martin Gore sang " Strangelove". Was so amazing, but I couldn't hear him very well because the crowd sang so loud

Dave changed nothing, but he didn't sing " Heroes". His voice problems were ti strong, maybe?
But believe it or not, for me it was one of the best concerts. The atmosphere was unbelievable and I was together with so many happy peoples.

But " I feel you" and " Personal Jesus" were so powerful. What can I say more ?

We left very happy and with so much love the arena. Our home for two days. We found a nice place outside and drank together a few beer. Our friend and travel mate Thomas had birthday at midnight.

Two wonderful days in hanover ended a few hours after midnight. The travel next day back to Cologne with the train went well. 

Now the band had a few days to relax before the concert in Zurich.  
My next concert is next week in Frankfurt, so I will have a fan takeover for Zurich again.
Stay devoted! Good night, see you soon!

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