Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Strasbourg or what a lazy evening

I mean no harm: it was a lazy evening in Strasbourg, seriously, in a comfortable way.

I arrived in the early afternoon in Strasbourg. I met in the TGV from Karlsruhe to Strasbourg friends by chance. I knew via Facebook, that they would go to Strasbourg and here we were....
Sometimes all roads lead to Depeche Mode! And we discovered, we booked the same hotel. Ha ha.

After I checked in I met two friends for sightseeing. Enjoy the pictures!! After Paris, Strasbourg was a very different city. Wonderful! Lazy by comparison with Paris.

We visited the Minster of our Lady, one of the biggest buildings of sandstone in the world.
Between 1647 and 1874 it was the highest building! Very imposant. It is like the Cologne Cathedral, both are gothic and both stand in cities, where the River Rhine is flowing. But the Strasbourg Minster was light colored, the sandstone of the Cologne Cathedral is now black, but I love this!

Then we needed a refreshment and we stopped for a bite to eat in a small restaurant near the Minster to eat the Tarte Flambee, a kind of " French pizza" from Alsace made from a very thin layer of pastry topped with sour cream, chopped onions and bacon.
I got the vegetarian sort with a typical cheese from Alsace called Minster like the church. Very strong cheese but delicious.

Now it was time to drive to the Zenith of Strasbourg, a new  modern concert hall outside the city.

The concert was sold out, maybe 12000 people. It was a middle-class concert with the standard set list and a good humored Mr. Gahan. I say it again: I need the word lazy to describe the concert.
The audience danced not to much, all were in a good mood, nobody drank a lot.
Depeche Mode started a half hour earlier ( after a cruel supporting band called " Soft Moon") and after the concert it remained dark in the auditorium for a while. I'm sure because Depeche Mode needed the time to leave the concert hall before the fans came to the car park. I don't know where they went, maybe Frankfurt, but they didn't stay in Strasbourg overnight.

" Just can't get enough" and " Never let me down" were the highlights, no surprise because the audience were in the same age like the band.

A big plus factor was the fantastic loud sound, maybe the best and clearest sound of the tour. I heard some nuances I've never heard before. Wow!!!

After the concert we spent a while at the after show party, but the party was very lazy and now I mean what I say. It was to lazy and the friends of mine dropped me off at my hotel.

This morning I took an early train to Cologne and met my friends from the outward journey.

I'm happy to be at home for an evening, tomorrow I will go to Mannheim.

Au revoir France! Merci beaucoup pour certains grands spectacles!!!

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