Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Turin or one of my biggest dreams comes true

Sometimes it is very stressful to blog when I'm on tour.
The days here in Italy running so fast!!

But I try to share a few of my impressions of the last days and I will start with the arrival in Turin on Tuesday morning.
Everything went fine from landing in Milan Malpensa airport to parking our rental car in the garage in Turin.
We had a wonderful hotel in Turin near the train station and a market.
I love the markets in Italia, wow, so many different vegetables and fruits.
The first afternoon we walked through Turin for a first impression.
It is an interesting city, old but not so stylish like Milan, it has a special charm, a little bit morbid.
We found a small restaurant where we had a good italian meal and then it was time for warming up for the concert.

It was concert number 50 of the Delta Machine tour for me in Turin so I put my best outfit on, a pink sequined dress.

We had very good places on the right side of the stage and it was a wonderful concert.
I screamed so loud, Mr. Gahan noticed me and at " Personal Jesus" he looked at me and he sticked his tongue out at me, haha, I was happy!!

We stand straight behind the monitor engineer Sarne Thorogood.
I met him several times on different DM tours at the airport or one time at the acropolis in Athen and sometimes we talked a little bit.
He saw me and waved to me.

Nothing special happened in the concert, but it was one of the best. From the first minute the whole audience is standing and the Italians are the best backsingers a band could have.
They sing every note of a song, best example is " Enjoy the silence"!
The Italian version of this song is the best in the world!
It was a succesful evening for me to be in my favourite country on a Depeche Mode concert!

Mille Grazie Torino!!

Next day finally one of my biggest dreams come true:
We visited the new stadium of Juventus Turin, which is my favourite football club.
The goalkeeper of Juve is Gigi Buffon, he is my hero in Football!!
We made a big stadium tour with a guide and got the chance to go in the dressing room of the team and I sat on the place of Gigi!!
It is a very modern stadium, the seating places are very close to the playing field, so it is a very intimate athmosphere there. Must be fantastic to see a game there.
One day I will came back with my kids to see a game with Juventus and Buffon!
After the tour we made a walk through the Juventus museum, where we saw many relics of the club.
And then I bought 4 jerseys for my family in the Juventus store.
Fantastic day, I was so happy, thanks to my friends which coming with me, because they aren't Juve fans!

Then we drove on a hill for an great view over Turin and the Alps!
Wonderful panorama!

The evening we spent in one of the many bars of Turin and drank a lot of glasses red wine, because we were in the Piedmont, one of the best wine- growing districts of the world.
The Barolo come from there!!
Turin is a very young city, you can have lots of fun there.
The young people looked very individual. Not so cloned like the youngsters in Germany, not so bourgeois!

Next morning we had breakfast the second time in a wonderful small bakery.
Italian people are so friendly, it sounds so nice when they greeting you with " buon giorno" with their loud and melody voices. The old lady in the bakery recognized us at the second day and I feeled like home !! 
Only a few hours left before we had to leave for going to Milan and we used the time to visiting the "Mole Antonelliana", a unique tower which is the emblem of Turin.
We went by an elevator upstairs to the observation deck, it was cruel because the elevator was levitating in the middle of the tower!!!
What a amazing view we had.
I was happy to see the Juventus stadium in the distance again with the panorama of the Apls in the back!!
After a nice Italian meal we left Turin, but I'm sure I will be back!!!

Arrivederci Torino!!! Bellissima!!

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