Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Mannheim or eins,zwei, drei, vier

This time I will post a lot of pictures of the concert, basically of Dave.
I'm so tired, I cannot write a long report about the Mannheim concert.

It was another birthday journey, a friend of mine got 38 years old yesterday and we started the trip with
sparkling wine in the train to Mannheim and we didn't stop with drinking until 3.00 a.m

Everything worked, we got our wristlet at 6.00 p.m. at the SAP arena, then we went back to the city for partying in our hotel room and came back right to the beginning of the concert. We stood in the third row and had such a lot of fun, because it was a frenetic evening.

Dave excelled himself and that's the reason why I took almost only pictures of Dave.
He said " good evening Mannheim" with a broad smile, because 4 years ago he welcomed Mannheim with " Good evening Stuttgart", ups, awkward.

But yesterday he knew he was in Mannheim and later he said two times, "next time again we'll see us again in Stuttgart". Haha, funny.

I loved every song, Martin sang again " Blue dress", great and relaxed show.
Dave went many many times on the catwalk, don't know why but he was so laid-back, wow.
Maybe  because after Mannheim only 15 shows left.
The mountain is climbed!!!!

At the end of "Just can't get enough" he leaned forward on the catwalk and whispered " shhhhh" and the hall got quiet and then he whispered in his microphone: "Eins, zwei, drei, vier":

Yes, he spoke German, unbelievable and for me the highlight of the show.

It was a an evening with many happiness emotions and good friends and after the show we went to the "Disco 2" where the aftershowparty was with DJ Elvis and DJ Viol, both friends of mine. Thanx guys for the great party!!

We danced and drank until I was so tired.

Must be enough for this time, I have to sleep now, because tomorrow morning I have to catch a very early flight to Vienna to go to Bratislava and  my concert number 45.

Good night, my friends!

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  1. thank you for the summary...i was was my first time...and was quite near the catwalk...youre very lucky to have experienced them so much...i guess i remember the blond guy from the hotel...he said he was traveling since speak and i right?