Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Vienna or Vienna is calling

 Within one year I came the third time to Vienna , now.
We took the bus from Bratislava to Vienna and checked in to the "Pension Kaffeemühle", the third time, too.
The days in Bratislava were great, I made a little bit sightseeing at the day-off  (you can see the pictures at the Bratislava entry).

I need a shower and a sleep, because my bad cold.
Third time again I had a great meal in a vegetarian chinese restaurant beside the hotel. Yummy!

I didn't have a concert ticket this time and after a while I bought one from a english guy in front of the "Wiener  Stadthalle" .
I went into the hall, they looked into my bag, but nobody wanted to see my ticket, strange. Then I had to go through the standing entrance north. There they exsected my ticket and as I went in I met my friends which went through the entrance south, I did not understand it.
The concert was sold out but we had a good place.

It was a good concert, I enjoyed it, because my voice came back for a while, but I hold me back, because I was still ill.

They played " Should be higher" and I was happy.
Martin sang " Blue dress" again.

Nothing special happened but I took pleasure in every moment.
I wanted to forget nothing from this tour.

Now, only ten concerts left, the countdown started.

Today I will meet a friend here in Vienna and later I will fly back to Cologne, two days at home before I go to Dresden on Wednesday!.

Bye bye Bratislava

Wiener Stadthalle

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