Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Zurich or the after show party

After a nice breakfast with my kids I went to the airport and flew with a group of friends to Zurich where we very fasten went to our hotel, because we wanted to start with sightseeing directly.

Zurich is not a big city but you can do many things there.
We started with a trip with the Polybahn, a small rack and pinion railway which brought us on a hill to the University of Zurich.
There we had a first overview on Zurich and the lake of Zurich. Wonderful!!

Then a short walk through the narrow streets of the old town, crossing a bridge over the river Limmat and visited the cathedral of our Lady which has wonderful stained glass designed by the artist Marc Chagall. I saw them in 2003 the first time but I had to see them again!!!

After a short stop at the Lake of Zurich we took a mountain railway to the Uetli mountain.
This railway is steeply rising, wow, and on the Uetli mountain you have a breathtaken view over the Alps.
We good such a great mood from this wonderful trip, we became very giddy and tried to speak Swiss.
It's like German but it is a special dialect, in Germany we call it Swiss German.
We added to all words the syllable -li. For example: trip become trip-li.
We snickered like small kids.

After a very expensive meal it was time to go to the Hallenstadion to see the first concert of two in Zurich of Depeche Mode.
To be honest I did not know what I can write about the two concerts. Bad bad bad. The audience were sleeping. We came ten minutes before the concert started and we could go through the people until the third row. We were very near to Martin and Dave and we enjoyed that.
Thank god, tomorrow I will fly to Italy where they can party!!!

Who now is thinking the Swiss people cannot party : you've got another think!!
The after show party was great. I can't remember the name of the DJ's, but they did a good job and many fans danced the whole night. We had lot of fun and came back to our hotel in the early morning.

But we stood up a few hours later to continue our mountain railway tour in Zurich.
We drove with a tiny rack and pinion railway, ups, was a bit like in a roller coaster. Another wonderful view over the lake and back down to the ground.
Then we took our last railway to the mountain Dolder.
From afar we saw a wonderful building, looked like a Palace or something like this.
As we reached the mountain where the railway ended, we saw that the Palace was a hotel and yes, it was the hotel where Depeche Mode stayed, because there stood some fans and the security chief of Depeche Mode came out of the hotel and drove away with a limousine. But we didn't see Depeche Mode.

Before our trip guided us to the lake I needed a stop at Sprüngli, the best pastry shop in Zurich where I bought a box with "Luxemburgerli", a typical swiss pastry filled with cream in various tastes. Delicious!!!!

Then finally the Lake. Wonderful.
And we visited the grey Minster with the two towers where the artist Sigmar Polke designed the stained glasses. Zurich is very versatile.
Last a typical Swiss meal in the old town, very expensive again, but very tasty!

And time again for the second concert. It was the same game like the first day, we went straight into the third row and had a nice concert together but the atmosphere was still worse than the first evening. Grrr. Depeche Mode were very closed, but which wonder?

And as we wanted to left the hall we met many friends from all over the world in the foyer. The bars were still open and they played Depeche Mode. And then something happened with the sleepy crowd. A kind of flashmob, a spontaneous after show party and we were in the middle of.
More than an hour we danced, sang, drank with heart and soul and the tide turned!!!

All together it was a great trip. We went back at noon on Sunday and now after one and a half day with my kids, I'm ready to go to Turin, first point of our Italy trip with Depeche Mode.
I'm very excited because the summer concerts in Rome and Milan was the best concerts for me until today. But I had to go to bed, only 4 hours left until the alarm clock is ringing, oh no!!!

Good night-li!!

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