Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Depeche Mode in Bratislava or "Mr. Dave Gahan"!

I woke up yesterday morning with a bad cold.
No one needs it, but I stand up at 4 a.m. and drove to the airport and flew to Vienna, then into the bus to Bratislava. 
At 9.30 a.m we was in our hotel and of course not the early bird catches the worm: no check in before 12 p.m.!
So we was forced to wait in a bar beside the hotel.
The beer cost only 1,10€ and you can imagine what came out of it.
A few hours later well filled with three liters of beer we finally checked in.
A fast meal in a greek restaurant and a short break in our hotel room, we was ready to go to the concert at the Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava.
First time for me to see an indoor concert here, I saw Depeche Mode here three times in the stadium in summer.
It was a small arena, maybe 13000 people, and filled up to the roof!!!
But thank god, we had front of the stage tickets. It was a small area, but it had a bar, so there was all we need.
The crowd acclaimed the band with an awesome applause, wow, goose bumps.
But I had a big problem. Because my cold and the lot of beer i drank, I lost my voice, , totally voiceless, horrible for me!!
I like it to sing & chant with the other fans, to cheer for Mr. Gahan with screaming so loud as possible and it was very strange not to be able to do my normal program.

I became evil mood as Depeche Mode changed " Should be higher" for " In your room"!
I couldn't understand why they did it?
" Should be higher"was the last forty-five of DM, can not be true, right?

Apart from that it was the normal setlist.
Later at " Enjoy the silence" I shed some tears, I could not help!!!
But there was a nice guy next to me he comforted me! Thank you, Jo!!!

Highlight of the concert was as Dave came back on stage after Martin sang " Shake the disease".
Like every time Dave thanked Martin and Peter Gordeno for their performance.
At this moment, many fans in front of the stage started with shouting" Andy, Fletcher, Andy Fletcher...."!
Andy waved to them and then Dave said:" and of course Mr. Andy Fletcher and Mr. Christian Eigner!"
And then finally, I've waited so long, Martin Gore said:" and Mr. Dave Gahan!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah, after thirty four f***cking years he finally did!
It sucked that I was voiceless, I would have broken down the hall with my sreaming, believe me!!!

" Just can't get enough" was wonderful, Dave danced like a devil on the loudspeaker boxes.
From there he saw the crew behind the bar, they danced like the audience and he pointed to them and laughed!!! He is the best, the best, the best!
I have already mentioned?

Thank you Bratislava for this wonderful evening. Met so many friendly people here, this is one of my favourite concert places in the world. In German there is the expression :"  you are a  bank", don't know if there is it in English, too.

Today I feel very damaged, my cold is getting not better.
" Slow" will be the slogan of the day!!!!

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