Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Depeche in Lodz or " you better learn your lesson well"

I was only 20 hours home between Bologna and Lodz.
I had a great Dinner with my kids in an Indian restaurant, packed my bag and so on.
In the early morning before sunrise I took a flight to Berlin, where I caught my connecting flight to Warsaw.

With the bus from the airport to the Warsaw central station and from there with a very slow train to Lodz Kaliska.
We needed another 20 minutes to walk to our wonderful hotel:
Lodz is a city in the middle of Poland.
Lodz is spoken " Wudsch".
The city has a University of film, Roman Polanski studied in Lodz!
The city has a kind of " Walk of fame" like the Hollywoodboulevard and was in Poland called " HollyLodz"!
But is a big difference when you was one day in Bologna and the next in Lodz.
Lodz is a city in construction and I'm sure, if you will go to Lodz in 10 years it will be a very modern city, but it needs time!!

After a short walk through the older Lodz we found a polish restaurant.
We enjoyed a rich polish meal. I had a very good mushroom soup and then vegetarian pirogies, it is a kind of dumpling filled with sauerkraut.
In addition one liter of polish beer from the tap.
I love polish beer!!
Was a very good atmosphere in the restaurant and we went in a very good mood to the Atlas Arena to the Depeche Mode concert in Lodz!

The concert was one of the best of the winter tour , it was a " Black Celebration".
I love Poland and the polish fans.
At this song the polish fans let black balloons rise. Looked great.
The polish fans like balloons, in 2009 they let coloured balloons rising to the song " policy of thruth"!

This time at " Policy of truth", as Dave sang:
"you better learn your lesson well",
he pointed a finger secretly to Andy.
I thought, yes, maybe you all, dear Depeche Mode, better learn
your lesson well, because I was annoyed because they didn't cancel the Kiev concert.
I had the words of " New dress" in my mind where they sang:
you may change the world!
I ask myself what I will do, when they won't cancel the Kiev concert and I
decided to cancel the rest of my concerts, ups.
So I did not have the fun as usual from the middle of the concert, because I got very melancholy of this thoughts.
Only at " Just can't get enough" I had to laugh, because Dave said at the end of the song two times 
" 1,2,3,4"!
I thought, yes, I could've been 4 concerts with this...

But as we came back to our hotel I had Wi-fi again and I read on the official site of Depeche Mode of the Kiev cancellation.
Yes, I thought, thank you Depeche Mode, it is the right decision and it shows me, 
that is not all about money.

The next morning was a wonderful sunny day 
and we had a amazing breakfast in our hotel.
What a huge buffet, and tasty, wow!!
Then we walked slowly to the station with some stops here and there.

Two and a half hours later we were back in Warsaw and 
had a view hours time for sightseeing.
We started with the observation deck of the palace of culture and science.
It is a old great skyscraper.
You can take the lift, so don't worry!!
We had a beautiful view over Warsaw!
Then we took a tramway to the old town of Warsaw with a stop in a basilica on the
luxuriousness street "Krakowskie Przedmiesci" where I saw a plate in honor of Vaslav
Nijinsky and his sister.
I couldn't believe this, because I adore him so much and I didn't know something about this although 
I read everything about him.

After another great meal and tasty beers we had to take the bus back to
the airport
and flew over Berlin back to Cologne.
I was so tired as I was home, I need a few days to get awake....
But last but not least,
tomorrow I will start my last part of my Delta Machine tour
and it will be the last part for Depeche Mode, too.
On the one hand, I want that it goes on, because I love the concerts so much and maybe
it will be the last forever:
Nobody could know that.
On the other hand, I'm so exhausted from being far away from home and my kids,
of the travel stress, of my travel mates, of the life out of a suitcase.
It is time to say "Goodbye", so 
" let me take you on a trip
around the world and back"
for the last three concerts.


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