Montag, 10. März 2014

Depeche Mode in Riga or " Happy Birthday, Kerry!"

After a few days home I started for my last part of the Delta Machine Tour on Saturday in the early afternoon.

I left home with mixed feelings. From October 2012 I organized the Delta Machine Tour. In March 2013 was the launch event in Vienna. The tour started in May in Nice and I saw 53 concerts before I went to Riga. I don't want that the tour is ending  because I hate it to say " Goodbye" to Mr. Gahan.
But I'm so exhausted from being on the road and being away from my kids, it needs to stop now!!!
I wanted to make party a last time and so we started the journey in Dusseldorf with a view beers at the airport and drank some more in the aircraft, a small aircraft with propeller, I hated this.
But we had a good flight without turbulences and took in a very good temper a taxi to our hotel which was located in the heart of the old town of Riga.

The day ended in a pub near our hotel where we had a good diner and some local beers. A guy played guitar and sang to it and later he sang" Personal Jesus". Great prelude to this journey!!!

We slept very well in our hotel, called "St. Peter's Boutique Hotel".
Small, but very clean and good breakfast, friendly crew.
The name is given from the near by "Petri church", where we started our sightseeing tour through Riga.
The tower looked great, baroque style, and we went by an escalator to the viewing balcony from where we had a wonderful view over Riga.
Behind the church we found for every German a well known sculpture:
The Bremen town musicians.
It was a present of the City Bremen to Riga.
The sculpture based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.
Riga is an old Hanseatic City like Bremen, Hamburg or Lübeck.
Indeed I was reminded of Lübeck, because there was many old warehouses and guild houses like in Lübeck.

After this interesting walking tour we had a good meal in a typical latvian restaurant, where I ate a good vegetable plate.
The latvians like restaurants in the basement with old arches. Great!!
Than we visited a new opened bar, a Depeche Mode bar.
In 2006 I was in a Depeche Mode bar in Tallin with typical Depeche Mode interior.
The bar in Riga is smaller and not so great but great enough for a concert day.
We had some beers there and watched to the video player.
Just in this moment we saw a You tube clip from the concert in Bremen 2013, " Just can't get enough", where Dave saw me and danced with me. 

After the beers we stopped for a bite to eat in the same restaurant like a few hours ago
and got another fantastic meal.

And then concert time:

I was in 2006 the first time in the Arena Riga and I reminded me, that we had seating places.
Back then it wasn't allowed to stand up in the concert.
But I stood up and made party and the people around us came to us and thanked us for hotted up a party.
This time I was clever and bought standing places and that was a good idea, because nobody stood up at the whole concert and in the standing area it was very quiet.
However I had my own party, enjoyed every song.
After Martins third song Dave came back on stage and asked a member of the crew, a guy called Kerry (?), for coming on stage.
And than he sang " Happy Birthday" to him. Wow, wonderful.
And he announced the upcoming birthday of Christian Eigner.
I was sure he did that because twice Martin Gore and Peter Gordeno
suspended him from "Birthday" singing.
At " Just can't get enough" and " Never let me down" I got very emotional, I won't believe
that the end is so concrete.
We met some friends from Germany and danced the whole night on a fantastic aftershow party
in a very stylish bar with unbelievable nice latvian people.
We came back at the dawn to our hotel.

So we slept only a few hours until we had to leave our hotel and Riga.
We made a last walk through the city.
We saw the chocolate watch, a popular meeting point in Riga.
Near by is the monument of liberty which is crowned by a statue of a women of bronze, called Milda.
After a good lunch we took a taxi to the airport for flying to St. Petersburg.
I was very excited to go to Russia, first time in my life.

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