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Depeche Mode starts the Global Spirit Tour in Stockholm at 05.05.2017 or "Where is the revolution?"

Hi dears, I'm very late with my blog for the first 3 concerts of the global spirits tour. But from last Friday on ( flight to Stockholm, first concert, the many impressions of the concert and the city, the meeting of all the devotees and the beers I drank....) I was so busy.
From Stockholm to Amsterdam, next morning back to Cologne, working, next evening after working to Antwerp by car, back to Cologne in the night and working again next morning. Today I had to do such a lot things and now I'm sitting here to start writing. Tomorrow morning I will fly to Nice, to see my 4. concert of the Spirits Tour.

So I had to keep it short, please understand. From Nice on I will post every day after a concert, be sure. Hope you will follow me inspire my late start.

Here is a picture of the last tour. It is my favorite picture. My name is Schulzi.

This is Stockholm, is my 3.time in this city. I like it, but it's not my favorite town in Scandinavia.
For us it's a very expensive town. A pint of beer cost about 10€.
Stockholm are many islands in an archipelago and so you see the water everywhere, that's very beautiful.
But at Friday we arrive in the late afternoon so we have to go to the Friends Arena, a stadium with a roof, where Depeche Mode start their Global spirit tour.

on our way

                     .....and here is the Friends Arena. Beside is the Scandinavia mall. There was a store specially for the concert day, a Depeche Mode merchandise store. But we were to late to find him. I hope I will find it next time ( it will be in a few cities again).

 Here with my travel mates. We were so excited.....yeah, first show!!!

 Inside I met a lot of devotees from all over the world. First people I saw were a american couple which I knew since 12 years. We met 2005 in San Jose at the "Playing the angel tour" the first time.
That's one of the best when you meet everywhere crazy people like yourself are.

And with a few people you'll becoming good friends and so I'm very happy to meet this guy again.
You will see him often on my blog, because he will be my main travel mate .

I had "Front of the stage" tickets, very spacy this time with an own bar, so very comfortable for us.
I was excited to hear the DJ Set.... but some things will come later at the tour, there are enough concerts left to discover all the small specials of the tour.
And then it was time, the lights turned of and we heard a snippet of " Revolution" of the Beatles. LOL
Can't remember what was the incoming music... maybe a part of "where is the revolution" ? I was to excited.
And then.....the screening starts and the band came out: Martin Gore, Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner and Fletch walked to their places on stage.... but no Mr. Dave Gahan..... I got a little bit nervous.... then he walked on a podium over the rest of the stage. The podium is integrated in the screening, so he walked over the screen. The audience screamed so loud as they all discover him finally.
First song " Going backwards" from the new album "Spirit".
Meanwhile Dave walked down to his microphone.
Followed by " So much love" of Spirit swell. Both new songs worked very well live.
Then Dave said " Good evening, Stockholm!" What a great moment, an unbelievable feeling to be part of another Depeche Mode Tour again, I can't believe, I'm such a lucky one to have the possibility to live this dream.

Later on my blog, be sure, I will write more about every song, but the first concert is a very special film, once started the end is coming quicker as thought.

So here is the complete setlist.
I hope there will e a few changes, I want o hear more of their unbelievable back catalogue. 
Until " Cover me" we heard to be honest nothing new.

Here a picture of the screening of " in your room".
I have to think about it.
The most screenings by Anton Corbjin I didn't understand this time. Anton did not such a good job, because the screenings took to much place, sometimes you couldn't see the band because they stood in the darkness....and if you far away you can see only the screenings.
I said to my travel mate : hey Thomas, why we have to see this old unknown couple dancing to in your room ? We both paid so much money for the tour, why made Anton not a film of you and me both, dancing together ? It would be make more sense!"

Dave's last song of the first part was " Cover me", a song he wrote for "Spirit".
Here I like the screening. A film about an old astronaut plaid by Dave himself. An old man sitting on a bench in his astronaut's suite and thinking about his past, his exciting job as a astronaute. At the end  he's taking hois helmet and walked to the ocean....didn't understand the meaning, but it was a beautiful film, shoot in black and white, you saw every wrinkle in Dave's old but beautiful face. It made me a little bit sad.

As every time Dave walked out for 2 songs and martin sang " Home " in the very good album version and " Question of lust"
Then " Where is the revolution" with a refreshed Mr. Gahan.
He gaves a little "Mao" at the podium in front of the screenings with flags and legs.....
But I started to call me " where is the revolution?"

Then " Wrong" and now finally a song for the fans for singing with the band " Everything counts" a larger amounts. The audience woke up a little bit.

And the rest of the film.... you have to wait until my next post's, because I don't want to write to bad things here. The rest of the first concert my friends and I started to discuss.... the screening of "Enjoy the silence" wasn't funny we found and it was such a downer, we went a little bit aside to speak and drink together. After the break Dave sang " Heroes" of David Bowie. It's a sacrilege for me and you will hear more about this.

First summing-up 4 years went down in our life's since the last tour, but 4 years are 4 years, the band are now in the mid fifties and maybe the wild days are gone ? 
I hope not and I will give them a chance in Amsterdam and Antwerp.
We pent the evening in town and as I stood on a street near the central station in front of a bar, 3 balloons flew across the street... I caught them.... what kind of sign was this ?

The whole saturday we walked trough the sunny city and later we met some Kiss fans on their way to the telekom Arena where Kiss plaid at the evening.
It was a wonderful stay in this friendly beautiful city.
So enjoy some picture and excuse again my late posting. Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll try to post Amsterdam and Antwerp.
Have to sleep to be fresh in Nice tomorrow.

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