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Globalspirit Tour of Depeche Mode starts at Barrowland, Glasgow

Good morning your people outside, lovely devotees,  wherever you are, whatever you do. I hope, no I'm sure, I know a few of you and I hope I will meet some of you at the upcoming Depeche Mode Tour, hope I will find new readers, hope we'll have a long and exciting tour.

So, a pressconference in Milano, the new single "where is the revolution", the new album "spirits" and a few promotion appearances lay behind us. The new tour Globalspirit is announced until March 2018 with the very good news that the band will play finally in South America again.

And now, the first payed concert lay in the past, too. Can't believe how the time is running. You sit at home, planning your tour - that's hard work, believe me - and think, oh wow, it is such a long time until the tour will starts. But then the day come and the time is running like sand in your hands when Depeche Mode come on stage.

The tour starts in Stockholm in May, but a few weeks ago the BBC announced the " 6 music festival" in Glasgow in different locations. And they announced,  Depeche Mode will be a part of it on Sunday March 26 in the Barrowland Ballroom, where the Band played at last at 16 October 1984, unbelievable......

And yes, we, a group of friends, booked the concert, hotel rooms and a flight to Glasgow. I love Glasgow, because it's a small beautiful town and the Glaswegians are very friendly and open minded people.

And so we met us in a very big group at the airport of Dusseldorf on an early Sunday morning.
It was clock change in the night before so it was really early, but so what when the reward is Depeche Mode.

After landing we took a taxi to our hotel. It was not in the city because we was so many friends for the first concert and we descend on the hotel like a swarms of bees..... lol, because the german fans are called the black swarm. I know them all but I'm not really part of the black swarm , because I love   coloured clothes.

We hadn't time for sightseeing, after a short break in our rooms to style us for the first concert, we went by taxi to the pre-show in the solid rock cafe near Glasgow station. The pre-show was presented by the "kilts", a scotish fan group like the black swarm, but they wear kilts.... what else ?
I think a few of you know them. At the "Playing the angel" tour they made many concerts all over the world and they wear the kilts and the same Iroquois bonnet, Martin Gore wore the whole tour on the concerts.

We meet a lot of more friends there from all over Europe, that was so fantastic. We didn't see us for years and then depeche Mode is on tour and you meet again and it begins there where we stopped.
That's I like most when I'm traveling around to the concerts, to meet friends and devotees, to discover new people, talking and drinking together, dancing, screaming....
A few very good friendships developed from this.

And then taxi to the Barrowland Ballroom, a room with a long history. There played all the important musicians including Depeche Mode themselves : David Bowie, Blondie, Iggy, U2, Björk and many more. It's an room for 1900 people. Inside there are long ways stairs on, stairs up, I had problems to find the hall with the stage. It's a little bit old style there, a funky old ballroom style, but this is my style.
And from here I had a few problems, I had a few beers with even more friends and then we mixed us under the crowd and stand maybe in the 6t or 7th row in front of the stage. I was so excited, the whole day long I was very cool but now..... there was an electricity in the air, bzzzzz.

Yes, and then the moment came.... I know there was a woman announcing Depeche Mode, but I didn't hear what she said, I plunged in a tunnel. Sorry, I'm a real big fan of the band but I think there are not enough words for describing what Dave is for me. So I saw only him, banned of his aura. The first tears, but tears of joy, of emotion. He wore a vest, no jacket.... he moves from the first song as we know it from him. He is the best, there's no doubt.

Spoiler, take care.......

"Going backwards" is the opener and I'm sure it will be the opener of the tour, great text lines like " but we have nothing inside, we feel nothing inside" will attend us the next year.
" So much love" is an song in a question of time style and so Dave came really fast to the point.
Followed by "Corrupt" what is a surprise and very well sang by Dave. " A pain that I used to ", ok I thought, we heard it at the last tour... we will see, what the whole set will brings. ( they played " Barrel of the gun", too, I like it, but we heard it on the last tour and I want to hear other songs, they didn't play often ).
Then "Cover me". A highlight of the new album and a great livesong. Very well presented, the song is written  by Dave, so his interpretation is more personal, I think. " I dreamt of us in another life, one we've never reached." Very intense.
Then " Home" ! I really enjoy this so often heard song but it figures great to this evening with one of the best crowds ever. A complete party from beginning on and they deserved " Home"( in the Ultra album version).
Now the new single " where's the revolution". It's not an easy live piece, I think it have to grow....
Only three songs left: " Walking in my shoes", " Personal Jesus " and yes: " Enjoy the silence".
partytime, you all know what going on when we reached this advanced stadium, the crowd sang every word with Dave, a little bit hysteric stadium, but wonderful being again part of this.
It was a short performance, but the train is coming.... in nearly 5 weeks we will see them in Stockholm. I'm so excited what they will play in the whole set, hope more songs from the  new album, because there are so many great songs on it.
So stay tuned, this will be an amazing years, I have many concerts planned and you could come on board of my train, please come along with me.

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Cover me !!!

all pictures taken by myself

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