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Depeche Mode at Ljubljana on 14.05.2017 or "a fan takeover"

Ok, it will be every time a dream but i Cannot you to all concerts of one Depeche Mode Tour. I give always my best but to long, to expensive and if you believe or not, I have a normal life with two wonderful kids and a job and friends and hobbies and obligations...
So, last night I missed she concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia and ask first Mike and Sandy for a view pictures and a summary. I met them both the first time in October 2005 in San Jose, California at the airport after the concert of depeche Mode in San Jose while " The Plaing the angel" tour. They come from Florida and I met them many times. Later we discover that we have friends in common.
Depeche Mode fans are a big family, you know? So here are the summary of last night in the own words of Mike and Sandy with their own pictures.

We are honored to share our thoughts about our travels to Ljubljana for stop five on the Global Spirit Tour.

After a fantastic show in Nice on Friday night we departed for Venice, Italy on Saturday afternoon. We were pleased to find that the Raveonettes were also on our flight so we said hello and congratulated them on a nice opening set. Upon arrival in Venice, we picked up our rental car for the two hour drive to Ljubljana.

For the show day, we did our sightseeing in town. It's a small place but very charming. The highlight for us is the river running through town with cafes and restaurants lining both sides. We had our breakfast at one of the cafes - delicious omelette - and they were also shooting a television commercial in the same location. We won't be in the commercial. Then more exploring along the river and the main square, before heading up to the castle, which overlooks Ljubljana. Nice views from the top of the hill. After the castle, we went back to our Penzion to change for the show.

We took the city bus to the venue and it was very easy to navigate. Bus fare is included with the concert ticket like in other European cities. It would be nice if the USA could figure out how to do that as well. There weren't too many food options inside the venue, which is where we had decided to eat before the show. We had hot dogs and popcorn. The Raveonettes did their normal set and then it was time for Depeche.

Of course it is early in this tour....up to this point Nice was our favorite show but we both feel like Ljubljana may have even been better than Nice. It was a smaller venue - guessing around 12,000 people, but they had great energy. The band really seems to be hitting their groove after the first week. 

Dave was particularly on for the show. It may have had to do with the fact that we spotted his wife and daughter in attendance. No set list changes of course, which is fine. Mike is really enjoying the set list and is happy to see others who will only see the show one time have the chance to hear it. Mike's two favorites from Ljubljana were So Much Love and Heroes. Heroes has been a favorite more than once this tour. For Sandy, the two favorites were A Pain That I'm Used To and Wrong. Pain is a change for her because Somebody is usually in there.

Back to the Penzion afterward and off to sleep. 

With an extra day before Athens, we stayed in Slovenia and did a day trip out to Bled. It's less than one hour from Ljubljana and has stunning scenery. Enjoy a few pictures from the area, including Bled Castle, Lake Bled, and Vintgar Gorge. Always a highlight is meeting other Devotees. As we were arriving at the gorge, we saw Two Global Spirit Tour T-shirts exiting the gorge. It was great to meet four new friends who had seen the show in Ljubljana and they are from Malta.

We enjoyed our final dinner in Slovenia with more traditional food and are preparing now to leave early in the morning for our drive back to Venice and our flight to Athens. 

Final reflections on our first time in Slovenia: it is a small country, but filled with beautiful mountains and scenery; it is very green - literally and environmentally; the people are friendly and helpful; Ljubljana has the feel of a young university town.

Hope to see you on the road!

Mike and Sandy

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