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Depeche Mode in Amsterdam 07.05.2017 or "Born slippy"

On Sunday morning we flew with a small aircraft of SAS airline to Amsterdam. 
We was very tired, because in the last night we met some other devotees and came back to our hotel very late. If you ever come to Stockholm, the Courtyard by Marriott, Kungsholmen is a great place to stay. Near by the bus to the airport, there's a subway station and you can walk to Gamla Stan at the waterfront. Spacy rooms, very clean and friendly stuff. If you book a good time in advance they have  fair prices.
But what you see in the next picture is now Amsterdam, a view of our hotel there, Ibis at the centralstation. Small but clean rooms, a nice bar and so close to the satin, perfect for a short stay. Look at these bicycles.... I love the dutch people for hiking so much. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world, so open minded, so beautiful with all the canals and bridges, great pubs, museums, restaurants....

Here I met my friend Martin. We traveling together since 2001 and in paris 2014 we saw our last Depeche Mode concert together. at that time I couldn't now, that there's coming a new tour and I was really sad, because I thought, maybe we will have this fun again together. We live in the same city and have lots of other fun together but it's a special kind of fun to visit a Depeche Mode concert.
We are a well-rehearsed team and I was happy the play starts again. So we made a short walk through the red light district, had some beers and a good Thai meal, vegan of course.
I ate not enough the last days because it was so easy to find good vegan options at Stockholm.

After a short stop in our hotel to dress us up, we drove to the Ziggo Dome. Here is the stadium of Ajax Amsterdam, and because we both are big football fans in general, we took a picture in front of this.

Next stop Ziggo Dome, a multi functional arena. Well organized with lockers for your jackets and other stuff. so we bought some merchandise and lock it while the concert.

After another few beers we came into the standing area. Wow so many people inside this arena....
Unluckely there was only the screening in the middle because the arena is not wide enough for the side screenings, but on the side screenings the band was filmed while the show and now we will miss that. Hard if you stand far way of the stage like we did  as this evening.
Ok, with the first show I wasn't totally happy like you read in my last post. But I want to give all the give them a second chance and to have a great evening specially with Martin, because it's his first show of this tour. So we decided to have a drop beer before the show is starting. This is a special ritual between Martin and me, buy a beer and then drink it off the reel. Special kind of fun, you know?
Depeche Mode came out.... same game like in Stockholm, the audience didn't see Dave and as they discovered him on his podium a murmur went though the masses.
The audience was in a good mood and many of the people around us danced like us. The setlist was the same. No wonder, it's the 2.concert. The crowd liked the first two new songs....and in the beginning of " Barrel of a gun" they sang with the band, but it is a downer, it didn't work good live. 
"Cover me" was the first highlight, it is such an quite song but a wonderful live song, Dave sing it very insistently. Because the absent screens we didn't see so much of the band and we listened to the music and so I can say, Dave singing very well, maybe better then ever before.
He was very concentrated on the singing, he didn't cheer the audience like otherwise. And I think that's the reason because the general mood isn't like every time. But give him's the second concert. The crowd like the screenings, most of the people near us enjoyed it, I remark it.

 In the middle Martin L. Gore performed first " Home". He came on the catwalk and the audience sang with him. I like this version very much and had my fun, too.
After "Question of lust" Dave sang " Poison heart", a song he written for the new album. I like it very much on the album, but live it  has not the same depth like "Cover me".

And than "the train is coming", very good screening. The audience like the song and clapped their hands as the dictator stood on his podium, very funny.

"Wrong" and "Everything counts" pushed the show very hard, good choice to play them one after the other. So after that " Stripped" bubble the good mood down, because you didn't see the band very good and the screening is boring, to be honest.

Ok, and again one of my favorite songs of all times and maybe the best song Martin L. Gore has ever written: "Enjoy the silence". 
I couldn't accept the screening and many people react like me, maybe because different reasons, but this screening is a atmosphere killer. First all scream and sang, but it became quiter and quiter, that's a pity. 
" Never let me down" worked against it very well. It is the hymn of Depeche Mode, the one and only song if you could choose only one.

Ok, it's the second concert, please give me more time. I'm still not arrived at the new tour. So I couldn't here " Heroes" this evening. My friend Martin came out a little bit later and he reported, that many people didn't identify the song. It would be better Dave would make an statement, but it's not his way, how we all know. 
Outside I spoke with many fans and I'm very happy to hear, that's many of them are very happy about the concert. This pair came from Germany and was very content with it.
For me it's so important to meet other fans. I like to talk with them all. I'm a blatherskite...

To " Personal Jesus" I was back into the standing area and enjoyed my " Personal Jesus".

Outside we met many more fans from all over Europe. And we hearda snipped of "born slippy" by Underworld. And we looked where it came from and beside the Ziggo Dome was a stylish bar and there was a great and funny Aftershowparty. They plaid great songs of the 80ies: Human League, Billiy Idol, Madness, New Order. Fantastic. I didn't like Aftershowparties with only Depeche Mode, specially when I heard them live a few minutes before.
At 1.00 o'clock a.m. it ended and we took Taxi to the central station. I felt into my bed like a stone and slept deep and dreamless.

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