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Depeche Mode in Prague May 24,17 or fan takeover by Mirko

It would be so great to see every concert of a tour, but that will remain a dream and so I wasn't at the concert in Prague.
Fan takeover this time by my friend Mirko.
I met Mirko the first time 2001, as I looked for a travel mate via the fan base, because nobody of my friends want to go with me to Los Angeles. I didn't want to go alone, because in Los Angeles you need a car and I'm not the best driver because I didn't have a car in my normal life. Mirko wrote me an email, that he want to go to L.A as well and sent me has phone number. I dialed the number and thought :" strange, I dialed this area code so often in my life before..." and when he answered, my first question was : " Do you live in Burgdorf ? Yes, " he said, " but how could you know this? I didn't give you my address!" " I was born in this small town and lived there until age 5 and called so many times my grandma, which lived there until her death!", I answered.
Wow, and so we made this week together in L.A with 2 concerts in L.A and 2 concerts in Anaheim and spent such a wonderful time together, drank a lot of beer, drove through California.
We got friends and some day I visited him at home and this visit was full of memories on my childhood for me. "So I thank you, for bringing me here, for showing me home!"

 He now wrote this fan takeover and he travelled with Lars and Sven, which are friends of mine, too.
Great guys from my home!!!
So, enjoy!

Mirko and I, Bratislava 2013 ( picture by Lars).


Shortly after the departure from the "Hostel" place Krumau, we made a small stop in MIRKOVICE, here I had to stop absolutely.


So on to Prague, we stayed in the stadium "Eden Arena", where there are rooms with a view to the stadium, means one part of the stadium is a hotel.

The weather was wonderful, great to drink many tasty beers in the sun. For this reason, we have missed both supporting acts.
Some songs of The Raveonettes I liked, only the sound was very shrill.
But the sound get much better with Depeche Mode.
Many friends like Celine, Mani, Andre, Peter and Jiri, who have "accompanied" us on the last tour, we were able to see again, later we saw Jiri's Dave Gahan scarf  several times at the catwalk. 

Sven, Mirko and Lars, my lovely friends from Burgdorf, near Hannover.

Already at 19:45 pm the concert began, exactly to the point they come to the stage on the ever-same side. Once we clapped each other and already it went off
The atmosphere around us was not as good as we thought. The people tried to make many and good photos in the FOS area, later they learned from us how to celebrate!!

Seven beers later, the concert was to fast finished, the band was in a super mood. At "Everything counts" Dave came on the catwalk and asked the audience to continue singing. I have not noticed this yet. At "Never let me down" Dave shot t-shirts again in to the audience with his T-shirt gun. I do not know what to write more, because every song touched me. Goosebumps because the many new versions they played on this tour. We are just for Father's Day in Pilsen and look forward to Leipzig, where our women will celebrate with us the next Depeche Mode concert.

Thank you for this short but crispy report! I like it and very good pictures.

So enjoy another few pictures by my Facebook friend Stephan:

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