Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

But not tonight

As we went to Munich it rained nearly the whole trip and we was in fear because the rain.
We tought maybe Depeche Mode

won't be in a good mood and will cut the set or maybe the whole show will be cancelled.
But not tonight!!!
The rain stopped with Dave's "Good evening Munich" and we saw a great show and didn 't complain!
Dave filled up with new life and gave together with Martin, Andy, Peter and Christian a great show to the 64000 people in the Olmpic stadium of Munich!!
They didn't cut the set. Martin sang "Higher love"& " when the body speaks".
Dave was unbelievable as every time.
Anton Corbjin came on stage at " Should be higher" and filmed the performance!!
Yeah! Maybe for the next single release or for the next tour Dvd!! I hope!!!!!
Mr. Personal Jesus Gahan was succeed to miss his clue at "Personal Jesus" and he was forced to sing " Reach out and touch faith " very often!!
So we got the chance to sing " reach out and touch Dave" very often!
Funny! I liked it.

At "never let me down "  the stars in the sky brought tears to my eyes....means it began to rain again!

We went to Muffathalle to the fantastic Aftershowparty  of Dj Elvis from our hometown Cologne and spent a wonderful night with dancing, talking and drinking.
So many thanks to Elvis for amusing us the night, so the time ran fast until we have to catch our train in the early morning back to Cologne.
And many thanks to Julia from Munich, too, for leading us through Munich!

Only downer of this wonderful night was the point that the German fans  didn't like the new songs from Delta Machine like the younger public in East Europe.

Today is day off and I spent the sunny day with my kids in the garden.
Tomorrow I will go to Stuttgart.
Be surprised for my next report from the Delta Machine tour!!!!!

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