Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Dancing with a distant friend

Arrived in Hamburg in the early evening and met many friends in front of the Imtech Arena and inside many more.

I saw the first time the support show of Douglas McCarthy, better known as the frontman of Nitzer Ebb.
Good performance, but not my music.

I was really excited because the concerts in Hamburg was always one of the best of the particular tour
so I had high hopes for a good concert.
And yes, from the first moment as the DJ-Set stopped all hell was let loose!!
And the spirit between the fans was very friendly, strangers danced, sang and drank together.
I met many fans for the first time, a nice woman of Mexico invited me to come to Mexico to see DM there next year, wow!
Many people huged each other, I was so happy and had real fun!

As Martin sang "But not tonight", it rained only during this song.
Then the wonderful Mr. Gahan came back on stage and celebrated the concert together with these amazing crowd.

"Enjoy the silence" and "Just can't get enough" were the best songs of the evening.
Hamburg, thank you very much for this wonderful experience, it made me so happy.
I was a lot easier to survive the trip by the train, which took 3 hours longer than normal for the trip  to Cologne. "Argh!"

Now I will stay 10 days at home until I'll go to Kiew!
I have to relax now for a while and I have to do lots of things but if I'm honest,
I miss DM already now!!!

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