Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013


I'm so tired from an unbelievable trip to London.
Yesterday I started with the exciting David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museeum.
You have to visit it if you have the chance.
Mr. David Bowie is such a fascinating artist, he was so important for the history of music!
The exhibition is made so affectionately, I was really happy to saw his costums, notices, paintings, pictures and hearing his songs at the exhibition.
Went back to Greenwich and made an excursion to the Greenwich meridian.
I had a wonderful view at cloudy London.
Then we took the chance and went by the new cablecar across river Thames to the O2 arena.
I was very scary because I have "Vertigo"!
But the view over London is unbelievable!!!
After a day with David I had then an evening with Dave!!
He changed the set uncredible five times:
" in your room"," behind the wheel", "world in my eyes", "John, the relevator" and " soft touch, raw nerve"!
I couldn't believe, but it is the truth.
One of my best Depeche Mode concerts ever!
I saw Depeche Mode many times since 1982 and I'm proud and happy to have been yesterday at the second London concert!
My friends and me sreamed so loud:
Dave heard us and smiled at us!!
At " just can't get enough" the concert turned in a giant party.
"I feel you" was the great height of one of the best concerts ever!
Thank you, Dave!!!!
Thank you, Martin and Sylvia for dancing and sreaming with me!
Thank you to my travelmates for an unforgetable trip to London.
I have no choice I have to come back to London in November to see them again in the O2

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