Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Good evening Stuttgart!

Sorry, I'm late with writing but I came back yesterday morning after the Stuttgart concert and a night in a train. Then I had to work and after work my only wish was to sleep!
So here are the latest news:

The concert in Stuttgart started earlier and we didn't know that!
We stood at the entrance as the DJ-Set stopped, shrieking!!!!!
But no way: we was forced to wait until a security guard made a cross on our ticket and made a bracelet at our wrist!
So we came in Depeche Mode was already on stage, unbelievable!!
After "Angel" Dave said" Good evening Stuttgart!"
Then " walking in my shoes" and he repeated:" Good evening Stuttgart!"
Not bad!! Funny, because he welcomed the Stuttgart fans 2009 in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Arena with " Good evening Mannheim !" Ups!!
So maybe he made amends his error?
Or maybe he wanted to wake up the Stuttgart fans?
Because later he said two times " Stuttgart !"

It was the quietest Depeche Mode concert I ever saw:
The public went  most of the time out to buy drinks and food 
 ( I never before saw people who ate at a DM concert ),
smoked one cigarette after another!!

They didn't recognize " Personal Jesus" !!

Maybe the weather is to blame and the Germans are still in the winter depression or we are
to supersaturated with concerts generally?

Highlight for me : " Secret to the end".
Wonderful voice and performance of Dave!! Each time it is better!

After the concert we ran through Stuttgart at night until we could get our night train to Cologne!
Arrived tired home, woke up the kids and the friend who stood at night with the kids.
After breakfast I went to work....
Long long day!

But last night I slept 10 hours and now refreshed I'll go today to Frankfurt with hope of better weather and a good concert!!

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