Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

More than a party

At the concert day in Berlin we visited the big Depeche Mode exhibition in an old department store!
Wow, interesting items. Made fun!

After a good meal as base for the evening we left early to Olympia stadion.
It is an monumental building and the place in front of it got within two hours crowded out with fans.
The weather forecast didn't a good job at Sunday because they said nothing about rain.
Already before the concert started it began to rain and then in the concert it rained cats & dogs.

My honest opinion:
I think the rain made the Berlin concert better.
DM was good like every evening but the fans didn't celebrate a party.
It was really quite at the beginning and then came the rain and a lot of people sought protection under the roof.
The rain wasn't cold and the bravest fans remained at their places and made a good job!
Martin sang again " But not tonight!", how accurate!
The concert was maybe more than a party, it was a mass.

But 4 years ago the concert at the same place at June 10 in 2009 that was a red-letter day for me
and maybe for all the fans what was there at this day, because Dave came back after his cancer.
So I believe I will compare every Berlin concert with the concert 2009 !

Best song for me in Berlin 2013: "Personal Jesus",
We screamed so loud, I felt like going insane!
I'm sure I lost brain cells from screaming!

And my conclusion of twelve concerts in eleven cities is:
I like the party more than the mass.
I like to dance and scream and laugh and I did it together with many nice people I met in Bukarest, Beograd, Budapest, Zagreb, Bratislava, London and Frankfurt.I like this together!
 I don't like the devotional thing so I didn't enjoy the concerts in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin like the others. 

But this is only my view and I have the great chance to see so many concerts and have the possibility
to compare.

I spoke to a fan who saw his first concert of the tour in Stuttgart and he said it was such a great concert to him.
And that's the truth!!

Nonetheless my résumé of twelve concerts is:

Favourite concert ( DM and the public): Beograd
DM and specially Dave played a fantastic show for the serbian fans which rewarded DM with a good party.

Favourite show: London,the second evening! Unbelievable performance of DM!

Favourite song: "Secret of the end"!

Favourite city: Istanbul

Favourite sentence of Dave: " I love everybody but not anybody!"( Beograd)
 Favourite sentence of Martin:" You makes me love everywhere!" (Budapest)

And the best of the best: Mr. Dave Gahan!
Best living performer of the world!

In the moment I'm happy to be at home, came back from a endlessly trip with the train from Berlin through the floodwater areas.
Oh my god, the poor people what was concerned.

Saturday I will go to Paris. DM will play at the stade de France!! 
Stay tuned and if anybody likes this blog, please let me know!!
Good night!

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