Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013


Second day of sightseeing in Kiev!
The city is so colorful, has imposant old buildings, all places are clean. The people are very friendly and helpfully. There are so many interesting sights to discover. New stylish restaurants and cafes with tasty food and drinks.
But rarely street signs, so sometimes it is not easy to find out where you are!

I invite you to my picture tour through Kiev!

Big street " Wuliza Chreschtschatyk"

Monument of independance

Arch of nation friendship 

River Dnepr



St. Andrew Church

Colorful town

Besarabska Ploschtscha : market with native ukranian and arabian products

View from the Pinchuk Art Centre

At Sky Art Cafe in the Pinchuk Art Centre with good vegetarian food


Good night beer

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