Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Kiev or " high the cups!"

Friday we had a terrible flight to Kiev because of many turbulences.
From a rainy Cologne we flew into a thunderstorm over Kiev!
In Kiev the rain fell in sheets and I became flustered! Will there be a concert at Saturday ?

Our hotel is a little bit out of town: "Alfavito".
A spacious super clean aesthetic room, very friendly staff and a 24 hours opened bar with good menu!!
We took a late snack and a beer before spleeping and started into the new day with a wonderful breakfast from the generous buffet in the colossal refectory.

Then we went by the metro into the city, where we met good friends from Germany!
We walked to the St. Sophia's Cathedral and had a wonderful view over Kiev from the light blue belltower.
Beautiful city.
Then further to the St.Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral! 
The city is very clean and bright and the ukranian people are so friendly, made lots of fun!!!

We had an typical ukrainian meal: I ate pickled vegetables inter alia pickled tomatoes: unbelievable taste! And then borsch!! Besides ukranian beer in beautiful cups, I know now wherefrom the toast
" high the cups" is!!!! Funny!
At all there in the whole town many small huts where you can buy beer from the tap!
Goody for a thirsty Depeche Mode fan !!

Then we was ready for the warm-up to the concert, means we drank more beer in our hotel and went to the near by new stadium Olimpiyskiy to see Depeche Mode again!
The weather was fine, yeah, was a warm day and a thunderstorm was in the air, but it passed by!!!

I was so happy as Depeche Mode came out because I had deprivation!!
The concert was wonderful, the crowd sang from the first minute, wonderful once again!
" Feels like home" are the best words I have to describe what I felt!
Enjoy the silence plucked my heartstrings, I can't believe, because I heard it so often, but that's right!!!!!
Best songs: " Personal Jesus, Halo, Just can't get enough ( cool version) and I feel you".
After the show there was a humming in the stadium, I was ravished from the concert, the people and the town.
We drank many beer after the concert in one of many bars nearby the stadium and I fell totally happy into my bed!
Thank goodness I will stay until tomorrow in Kiev and have enough time to see more of this amazing town!!

Breakfast in the Alfavito Hotel

The light blue belltower of the St. Sophia's Cathedral

St. Michael's

My lunch!!!

" High the cups!" 


No thunderstorm!!!

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