Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Soothe my soul

I'm not sure, do Depeche Mode soothe my soul?
This concert started slow-going, but I realised fast, the ungarian fans know "Delta Machine" and thats for the first time.
But this is the reason why I come back every tour to Budapest.
Here are real hard fans, here there are no gap, here I had physical contact and I like it.
"Soothe my soul" and " Personal Jesus" was the best songs tonight, sometimes I couldn't move, couldn't do anything because I stared at Dave the whole time.
He was back again in Budapest and he love his life, his job and his fans!
Martin Gore sang tonight " Higher love" and said then to the ungarian crowd"you make me love everywhere!"
I met so many friends tonight, that's one of the reason I like to travel through the world!
Good night : Mirko, Lars, Klaudija, Elvis, Heelje, Ilka, Davidu, thank you for the fun I had with you.
Klaudi, you equal to me, you screamed like me and celebrated Dave like me!
Thank you!

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