Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013


Yesterday we spent a wonderful day in Istanbul, we made a trip with a ship over Bosporus!
The sun was shining and we was in a good mood altough we missed the Istanbul concert of DM.
But if there will be a new date for this concert, we'll coming back to this great city, that'ts for sure!
We took later the flight to Beograd.
We was in the same airplane like the programming crew of Depeche Mode.
Very funny, because I met them 7 years ago on a flight from Istanbul tho Athen.
We flew with a small prop airliner, interesting.
But we arrived safety and took a taxi to our hotel.
It was Saturday night and Beograd was humming like a beehive.
So we drunk three beers in a nice bar on a street with one bar side by side.
The people were very friendly and interested in us, asked how we live in Germany and so on.
Now it's breakfast time, then visiting the town and hope we'll see Depeche mode tonight!!

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