Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Good morning Zagreb

Yesterday we took at noon the train to Zagreb.
It was a wonderful trip, the train passed the enormous Lake Balaton and many small resorts at the bank of the lake.
We had lots of beer with us, but not enough and unfortunately the board restaurant was disconnected at the boarder to croatia, so we had a dry period.
But look : the seats in the train was styled in the new Dm style, so we asked us, took Anton Corbjin some day the same train?
Arrived late in Zagreb and after a short  trip with the taxi to our hotel near the Maksimir Stadion.
The concert was displaced from the stadion into the Zagreb arena, but the arena is at the another end of Zagreb, so we are now in the wrong place!!
Found a great small restaurant and enjoyed a good italian dinner!
Slept well, because it's very quiet here.
After a breakfast we are now chilling in our generous hotel room with Karlovacko beer.
It's colder outside than the days before, so we will go late into the city and then to the arena.
Stay tuned!!

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