Freitag, 17. Mai 2013


This is not a good new message for all the turkish and travelling DM fans:
The Istanbul concert is cancelled because a bulgarian trucking blockade, so the DM production trucks
could not cross the boarder.
We've had a wonderful day in Istanbul, visit the bazaar, had a good turkish meal and best mocca ever and as we came back into the hotel, just in the moment we received many messages that the 
concert was cancelled!
In the first moment we won't believe it!
But it is the truth, and we have to manage it.
Need lots of beer tonight.
So, the next question is : what is about our next concerts?
Will there be more trucking blockades in East Europe?
I'm lucky about more informations, so if you know something, let me know.
Wish everybody a nice evening, see you next time.........

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