Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Technical problems

New sunny morning in Beograd:
After an short espresso we went to the station and bought a ticket for our trip to Budapest for unbelievable 15€.
Then we walked to the fortress from where we had a great view over Beograd and the river Danube.
We saw on the other side New Beograd and the Uscepark and : the stage of Depeche Mode, yeah!
It was a wonderful hot day and we enjoyed it, because we was so hungry for sun after the long long winter in Germany.
In the early evening we changed the bank and reached the Uscepark as Diamond version was on stage, the supporting group.
We made a very good bargain at the merchandise, because the shirts was so cheap there.
And then:"Welcome to my world and Beograd!"
Mr. Gahan wore a new stylish waistcoast, looks like freshmade by a turkish dressmaker!
He looked so laid-back, good feeling for me!
It was an extraordinary good concert, the serbian fans seemed all so happily to see finally DM.
This time Dave started "Barrel of a gun" with jumping and suddenly there was no sound, we heard only Dave's voice, so they started again with the song and it happened again.
At least the keyboard from Peter Gordeno must exchanged.
Martin looked not glad, but Dave made the best of a bad job with dancing and joking!
I walked happily back to the hotel:
And I saying it with Depeche Mode:"And I thank you for bringing me here......"
It was a short night because we've  had technical problems, too with our travel  group! Lol!

At quarter to seven a.m. we took the train to Budapest, an 9 hour trip and now after a short meal and walk at the Danube we are so tired.
Our hotel here: The Royal Park Hotel, is closed to the station and the stadion and it is very comfortable!
I'm excited to see Depeche Mode tomorrow, now I'm on my trip!


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