Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Good evening Bucharest

We arrived in the early afternoon and took a long trip with a taxi to our hotel.
After a short dinner we walked the long way to the big national arena.
Wow, the stage is so big and the athmosphere in the stadium was amazing!
I like the mood in an outdoor arena much more than indoor.
The weather was great.
Then: "Welcome to my world"!
Dave was unbelievable, I can't believe, he is 51!!
Barrel of the gun, pain that I used to and soothe my soul were the highlights.
But "I feel you" was Dave's highlight, he love this song, it's funny to see how he freak out of this song.
We had many beers and made party with the romanian fans.
The fans were very stylish and many of them danced and sang the whole show!
After the show we walked the long way back and met many straying dogs. Seemed to be normal here in Bucharest!
So, now we'll walk trough the city and in the afternoon we will catch our flight to Istanbul!

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