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Resume of the italian trip and the italian Depeche Mode concerts

Meanwhile I'm on another trip from Prague to Warsaw. Sitting in the train and have now a little bit time to resume the italian trip. It was the best trip with the best concerts until now.
First Milan: our hotel " Melia Milano" was an very luxury one with rooms in baroque style.
Very good location for concerts or football games because it was only a ten minutes walk to the stadium San Siro / Guiseppe Meazza.
The first evening we had a very good dinner in a nearby restaurant!
Good and friendly service.
After the long day we slept very well the only source of irritation was the mosquitoes, oh my god we got so many bites!!
Started to sightseeing at the cathedrale of Milan called in italian " duomo"!
Great fantastic building but we are from Cologne and we have the greatest cathedral of the world!
We walked trough the elegant gallery, a luxuruy shopping mall and then to the Napoleone street, where all the haute couture shops are!
Then we took the Metro to a quarter called Naviglio with two friends of mine from Hannover!
Looks a little bit like small and cheaper venice because there are a few small canals.
We lunched very well in a small restaurant and after a few beer we went back to our hotel to style us for the concert.
For me it was an important evening because Italy is my favourite country and I like the peoples so much!
I bought new eyeshadow in Milan, so I had a new style this evening.
As we arrived at San Siro I was so surprised by the colossus of stadium, wow, so huge, like a skyscraper and it was sold out, unbelievable.
In front of the stadium are many sellers of unofficial Depeche Mode T-Shirts, that's an typical italian thing: funny designs for less money!!
And then: " welcome to my world", Depeche Mode entered the stage and in San Siro all hell was let loose. In the second balcony all the people stood from the first moment , never saw that before!
Dave looked so lucky and he hadn't do very much this evening because the crowd needs no support, they danced and sang the whole concert and they knew the new songs.
The fans there was young and stylish and we met so many friendly people.
Best songs? Not easy to say: "Heaven"," Precious""pain that I used to" and from "Southe my soul" the athmosphere in the huge bee hive San Siro boiled over!!
Happy, happy, happy we left the stadium and walked straight to our hotel into our beds.
Best concert of the tour, we all was sure!

Next morning we went by the super fast train from Milan Centrale ( wonderful building like an old temple) to Rome only in 3 hours.
The train hit sometimes the speed of more than 300 kilometres, not bad!!
After the journey trough a wonderful country we reached Rome.
After Venice my favourite city in the world.

We booked my favourite hotel St. Anna at borgo Pio a very small street between the vatican and the and the Angel Castle.
It has only 12 rooms in a nice style and some have balconys.
We got a room with a small balcony with a view in a court with many flowers! 
If you ever will come to Rome book this wonderful hotel, it is so near to all the places in Rome you have to visit!!
In the evening we walked 15 minutes at the bank of the Tevere and had dinner in a wonderful restaurant in Trastevere, a small old quarter with many restaurants, bars and cafes.
After France it was so easy to get a vegetarian meal, I could choose so many good things, yummie.
We spent the whole eving in Trastevere with our friends Mirko and Lars, sat in front of an small bar, drank and enjoyed the wonderful night and looked at the italian people who strolled through the little alleys!
Perfect evening!

Next morning after a good breakfast in our hotel we walked first to the Pantheon, my favourite place of the world!
It's the church which looks like an old temple with an bid round hole in the ceiling.
The sunlight fell trough the whole and if you come in the summer at noon into the Pantheon a wonderful angel statue was lighted up by the sun.

Next station " Giolitti", the oldest and best ice cream parlor of Rome, unbelievable how many tastes they have.
Then an Espresso in the oldest coffee roasters of Rome " St.Eustacchio".

After this we was starched for the trip to the via Appia, an antic road which start at the border of Rome with old buildings and gravesites of the Roman times. Wonderful!
You have to do that!!!

Ok, and then we made us ready for our second italian concert in the stadio olimpico.
It was a very hot evening and as we reached the big standing area in the stadium the most people are a little bit drunken.
The crowd was young and grungy and the sun went down as Depeche Mode started.

And as if Milan was the best concert, ha ha, what was Rome?
Never saw a concert like this, every song was a highlight, Dave was so happy!
"Precious" and " Heaven", couldn't hear Dave's voice because the crowd sang every word so loud.
Martin sang " child inside", "Shake the disease" and " Somebody".
I'm not the biggest Martin Gore Fan, but I liked it.
We met very young boys ( 25 years old) and had a big party with them.
At "enjoy the silence" I thought I will die now, because it was to good.
The Italians sang so beautiful, they are so big football fans, it is normal for them to make party in a stadium!
" Personal Jesus", "Just can't get enough".... I have to say it, it became like a sexual thing.
After " never let me down" we are sure, that we will never see a concert like this again and so it's the only possibility for me to enjoy the music and try not to compare other concerts in the future with this best of the best of the best!!!

The sleep and a last wonderful day in Romw which we spent with walking through the city, eating and drinking.
In the late afternoon an big thunderstorm came over Rome with huge hailstones!!
But the flight was good!!

Thank you Italy for theese wonderful days!
Will never forget it!!

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