Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Depeche Mode in Wilna, Goodbye!

Sitting in Ryga and waiting on my connecting flight back to home.
Time enough for writing my last entry for the summertour of the Depeche Mode tour 2013.
I'm a little bit sad, like always after a last concert.
But it's only a small "Goodbye", because I will see them on many concerts in the upcoming wintertour 2013/14.
I came from Wilna with an early morning flight. This time it worked better with the ckeck inn.
Two unbelievable days lay behind me.
So let me take you on a trip......

After the problems with the flight another shock expected us in Wilna:
The apartment we booked was closed and nobody informed us about that.
So we made contact to our hotelbookers  and they said it will be very difficult to get 2 free rooms in Wilna because there is the Depeche Mode concert and a gay pride at the same time in town.
After lots of phonecalls we got 2 rooms in a good hotel nearby the river Neris.
But only for one night.
For the second night we had to split, but we got 2 rooms in two different hotels.
We spent the first evening in the hotel, had some beer and felt very tired in our beds.
Next morning we enjoyed a good breakfast in our hotel"Congress"!
It's a good one, not to expensive, clean and friendly staff.

But the next shock is coming:
We went to our new hotels.
Our hotel was in a strange neighbourhood, there was nothing, a few rank houses, a supermarket and that's all.
But the hotel was clean and cultivated, but they have only a one bed room, oh no!!
We asked ourselves : is this a show with a hidden camera?
What will happen next?
Our friends didn't encounter it better, they have two beds but with separate bath and it was very dirty and in a red-light district.
But no chance, we had to take the rooms or had to sleep at the station or airport.....
So we tried to make the best and start a little sightseeing tour through the beautiful old town of Wilna with many churches and small restaurants.
Later we had an great dinner with typical lithuanian food:
I ate an baked cheese, very tasty and spicy!!

Then we took a taxi to the Vingopark, venue of our last Depeche Mode concert of the summer.
Wonderful location and very well organized with lots of small bars and campingtoilettes.
We had premium fanzone, a small zone just in front of the stage and I got a place in the second row at the right sight of the catwalk.
So, I forgot all my sorrows for a while and enjoyed Dave.
So close, I was really happy and couldn't say much about the mood in the park, but I believe it was a great concert.
Dave was very funny this evening, he made many jokes: he announced Martin with: 
" Mr. Martin L ....who?" And the crowd answered: "Gore"!
Then he thanked Jazz, the man who handed Martin Gore his guitars, for 20 years working for Depeche Mode.
He made his joke with Andy like every concert at " Just can't get enough" and then he fumbled about at Andy keyboard. As Dave turned his back to Andy, Andy played again the melody of " Just can't....",
and Dave laughed affectionately.
Later he exercised over the box at the left side and walked between the projectors and than the way back was not easily, he climbed back a bit narrowly. But he is in a very good constitution for a 51 old man and he looks fantastic!!
This evening he made very special moves with the column of his mikrophone, he could perform in another kind of show, you understand? Really good, the female fans sreamed very loud, inclusive me!!

I realized, this is my last concert, but it is the next to last concert for Dave and he looked very eased.
He gave his best at this 38 concerts of the summer tour and I'm so happy to saw so many shows.

Best songs of the evening was for me " Personal Jesus", because he danced lika a devil just in front of me on the catwalk and that was nearly to much for my little heart, and "I feel you" , because he did all his best and last but not least " Never let me down", have no word for this moment.
So many feelings overwhelmed me at this moment, I can't speak about that and I want to keep this special moment in my heart.

Then we met some friends and walked into our hotels.
I slept on the floor, ha ha , " on my dirty sticky floor", not funny, because it was a one bed room and there was not enough place for two people in the bed. Yep.
And after a uncomfortable night we took an early morning ride to the airport and reached home nearly 12 hours later where my kids waited with dinner for me.
Now, I'm well-rested and in the next day I will write an long review of the tour.
Thank you for reading this blog, if you like comment it and share it with friends.

See you next time!!

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