Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

Depeche Mode in Prague, Happy Birthday Mr. Martin Lee Gore

We flew at Monday evening to Prague and checked into our hotel which is integrated in the Synot Top Arena.

Funny, never had a hotel so near by a concert location!!!
But good rooms!

Next day we visited Prague. Importanst places like a walk over the Carl's bridge.
Everytime beautiful!!

The we had a typical meal in the brewerie of Pilsener Urquell.
I had a mushroom soup in a breadbowl!

Then concert!
It started earlier than normal, but what a pity because we saw a concert in sunlight!
It is like I said, after Rome there can be nothing and fans who didn't see so many concert like me enjoyed the show very much.
It was the birthday evening of Mr. Martin L. Gore, the man who brought us here....
Where would I be without this great songwriter yesterday evening?

After Martin sang" Higher love", Dave wasn't on stage at this moment, Peter Gordeno played
"Happy Birthday, Martin" on his keyboard.
Dave ran on stage, surprised by this activity, because I think he wanted to sing for Martin and honest, I think, we all wanted this!!
So we passed the Birthday song by Dave and with " Soothe my soul" the concerts began to work!!!
Look at my pictures and you will find some great moments.

"Home" was my favourite song because the words are so true at the evening:
" so I thank you for bringing me here....."
Second highlight, at the end of "Personal Jesus" Dave played on Martins Guitar with his chain, 
that's just about the limit!!

After the concert, we met us with some friends from Cologne and America.
The evening died away in a peaceful mood!
Good night Prague!!

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