Montag, 22. Januar 2018

Depeche Mode in Cologne, January 15 or "Happiest girl"

My birthday was always a good time to become a concert with Depeche Mode. They played many times in January. And I celebrated my birthday with Depeche Mode in Birmingham 1987, in Hamburg 2006, in Barcelona 2013. 2009 I was the night before on the concert in Prague and celebrated into my birthday after she concerts with friends.
So I was really nervous as they announced the second European Leg. Will I get another birthday concert? I was in Rome, as my friend Martin called me and said" yes, you have a birthday concert, guess where!" I answered " Italy?", because I love the concerts in Italy and to celebrate my birthday with the Italian fans, what could be better? " He said : " No, better, believe me, think hard....."
I laughed " no, cannot be, Cologne?" And yes, they would come to play their second concert in Cologne  of the Global Spirit Tour to celebrate my birthday with me in my hometown.
It wasn't easy to get so many tickets I needed for all my friends and family.

So, finally the day arrived and you could read my whole review on the blog of David Mc Elroy " Almost Predictable", because he asked me  for a review. Read it here:

Funnily enough my friend André has birthday, too at the same date and we celebrated the day together.... starting with a huge pre-show party.

It was together with Rome the best concert for me and I became a present from Mr. Gahan,
which threw me a kiss and after I threw him one back, he patted his heart for a long time, and remained in that pose as he looked deep into my eyes. One of the best moments in my long history with the band and Mr. Gahan. Happiest girl I ever was!
I thank you all for being with me. For your warmth, your hugs and kisses, your presents and all the minutes we spent together my dear friends and devotees. I love you!

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