Montag, 22. Januar 2018

Depeche Mode in Berlin, January 17 or "as it gets wetter and wetter"

The question after the unbelievable Cologne concert was: Could there be a better concert?

I was ready to find it out after two workdays in the office. I flew in the late afternoon to Berlin.
The night before it snowed in Cologne and Berlin, but everything worked fine and I arrived in Berlin Friedrichshain in time to meet friends for a vegan dinner.
I love Berlin, because it is so easy to find vegan restaurants. I had a very tasty raw vegetable bowl  at "The bowl" above the supermarket "Veganz" at Warschauer Street.

Then a short stop in our trendy hotel "Nhow". It is a "Music Hotel". In every elevator you hear a different playlist of music. If you want you can rent instruments or Dj equipment. Very stylish, everything is pink. And with a little bit luck you have a wonderful view to the "Oberbaumbrücke" and the river. They have a small but good equipped fitness room and a sauna area. Sounds like an unbelievable stay....yes, but what I need most is a personal atmosphere and a friendly service and this is still missed there. I will not return to this hotel, sorry, guys!
But thank you, dear Ohst, for the possibility to stay there with you.

So, short changing of the clothes. I chose a pink glittery shirt this evening, don't know why, maybe I was inspired of the colors in the hotel.

As we went into the Mercedes Benz Arena we saw Daniel Miller arriving with a younger women. He looked very good and I believe I have heard him speaking German to the hostess at the entrance.

It took a time with wardrobe and everything until we reached the Front of the stage area.
As usual we met a lot of friends. the concert started in time with the usual setlist. Very good from the beginning. A very very good concert, not like Cologne but I think everyone has here or there its one magical moment and another devotee would say this berlin concert was the best on tour. So... the truth lay in the eye of the beholder.

But Dave did again a very good job. I saw some pics in the web of the day before as the band arrived in their hotel in Berlin. He wore a mouthguard to protect himself against all the typical winter diseases. He looked a little bit exhausted in general. He is older than all of us ( including me, lol) but he is doing this unbelievable show every second  day. I'm sure you all couldn't to this.....

As the show went on, friends went out to buy beer, they came back with really big ones, nearly one liter in one cup. As I tried to take some pictures, I hold the cup like always with my teeth. But ouch, this cup was to big and heavy for my teeth and I lost the control about it....
The beer flowed over my shirt and into my bag. If I had not had my cell phone in my hand .... it would have drowned in beer. The beer dripped from my bag all evening. If there should have been a prize that evening, then the Miss Wet T-shirt prize.
Shit happens. Later a friend bought himself a new Depeche ModeT-Shirt and lent it to me for the rest of the evening. Thank you, Szapi.

A very well done show and we met some friends for a drink after the show. I met an early entrance devotee and ask him for the policy of The Early Entrance, because for the next show I had this kind of ticket. He said, the first fans will arrive lately in the early evening before the concert, he will arrive at 6 o'clock in the morning to wait for the entrance. You will get a number ( written on your hand) in line, but you have to stay there....ok? What a price for being in the first rows, I paid nearly 190€ for the ticket and have to wait nearly 18 hours to get in the arena where I will wait 4 hours until the show will start?
Sorry Depeche Mode, you have to think about this policy. It is very unfair and sick. You must reward your best, not punish!!

We were back at Midnight in our hotel. Not really late but we all are little bit knocked from the last days and looking forward to our bed.
Good night, Berlin!

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