Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018

Depeche Mode in Birmingham, November 19 or Takeover by Manuel

And here Manuel's review of Birmingham:

We arrived very late in Birmingham, heading down from Manchester by bus, so we were not able to have lunch before the show. At least we were able to meet Andre and Ohst at The Flapper. For the show we got tickets in the last row at lower lever vis-a-vis the stage. We met a girl who drank even Claudia “under the table”( Sorry, I think this cannot be true, try to "drink me under the table", very funny!/CS). She came in with five pints which she drank out during the show. The concert itself was stamped by technical issues. For most of the shows there were no screenings which was great at "In Your Room", so we could concentrate on the music and not on the screenings. Dave had problems with his in-ears, why "Never Let Me Down Again" had to start a bit late. But worst of all was the bad sound. Especially "Insight" which was so great in Manchester two days before was incredibly bad. Peter’s background singing was hardly to bear. Although I had only little hope for "Wrong" and "I Feel You" I was again disappointed when "A Question Of Time" began. With the last note of "Personal Jesus" we left the venue and rushed to our hotel. It’s so sad that the tour had developed like this. I was so excited before the show in Dublin and was so keen to see the UK shows.

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