Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018

Depeche Mode in Berlin, January 19 or " Where is the revolution?"

I spent two lazy days in Berlin with running, sauna, friends and very good vegan food.
It is always a pleasure to be in Berlin.

Many friends came to the second Berlin concert, a Friday is a very good date for a concert.
And from the first minute you could notice that the mood is radical better as the first show.

The first show was really good but the second much more.
No setlist changes until Martin's part, he sang " Sister of night".
But the arena was heated up all the time, less space, everyone stood close to each other, all were dancing and singing!

As Dave came back after " Home" the audience celebrated a long time the typical sing-along.
Dave was really surprised and said " So much better than the last show".  Later he spoke German " Dankeschön" and "eins, zwei, drei, vier!"
He showed the audience with smiling and posing how much he like the show.
He fell back to his "chicken dance" from the beginning of this tour. It looked really funny, he was waggling with his upper arms, looked like chicken

I didn't like it at the beginning of the tour but meanwhile I'm so addicted, I'm not able to criticize  him, not able to dissociate from him.
I think Dave is now in his best form, but me, too. He could sing now no matter what, I'd like it. For example the children song "Little Hans", the most important thing is, he is there.

So this time I show you a lot of pictures of Dave, because I had great moments at the catwalk.
You have to try it one time, standing near the catwalk, the moments when he is coming to the end of it, are so unbelievable.....

Then a shock: they played " Policy of truth" for "Where is the revolution?"
Another "Spirit " song was kicked off. But " Policy of truth" worked very good. A real surprise, but this easy going song is well known.
I don't like " Where is the revolution?" and  so it was a very good alternative for me.
Another unbelievable sing-along after " Everything counts". Maybe the best "second concert" of the tour. Friday in Berlin is a better day for a concert  than Wednesday in Berlin.
A friend of mine said as she heard  the first notes of " Stripped": " Stripped, oh wow, I escalate."
This statement brings to the point how the mood in Berlin was!

Martin sang " Judas" and Dave changed" I feel you" for " Question of time".
Though I like " Question of time" more, because Dave's crazy performance to this song, I like it to hear " I feel you" again from time to time.
We made videos of  " I feel you" for our friend Manuel, who has cancelled the whole tour because Depeche Mode kicked off " I feel you".

With  a wild " Personal Jesus" the concert was ending, it blew me away, great ending for three wonderful days in Berlin.

It was time for the first Goodbyes, because a few of my friends came first back in summer to the Waldbuhne concerts. I hate it to say "Goodbye", because we all spent so many time together and I will miss each of them.
We experienced so much together and now I have to wait until July to see them again.

But I'm really happy that I have the chance to see Depeche Mode still many times in the next month.
What a luck!

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