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Depeche Mode in Oakland, October 10 or the Golden Gate

Golden gate. This blog didn't need so much words. The day after the San Jose concert stood under the influence of the Golden Gate Bridge and the day after the day after stood under the influence of Depeche Mode. So Golden gate is a very good title, because from childhood on, I love the Golden Gate Bridge. I knew the bridge from looking the " Streets of San Francisco", a TV series with the young Michael Douglas and Karl Malden. The title melody of this TV series was so genius and I watched every episode with my mother. The bridge was for us the Golden Gate to Freedom. For me it was the Bridge of Liberty and I dreamed my whole childhood and many years as a adult to visit this bridge. 2005 my dream came true and I felt in love with San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.
The bridge is an amazing construction, a red steal suspension bridge. Made by humans, not a natural wonder, but so beautiful. Bridges exert an insane fascination on me and this bridge wins the grand prize.  We needed nearly the whole day to walk to the bridge, at some point we gave up and took a bus, which we searched for a long time, because we did not find the bus stop. Enjoy the many pictures I took on the bridge. Then we catches a bus back from the other side, very expensive bus, we did not understand the system of the public traffic in San Francsico. We were exposed to the arbitrariness of the bus driver: "Pay, or stay where you are", that was their motto.
On our way in direction to Chinatown we discovered by chance Japantown where we had a very good dinner. A great reward after a long hot day. Then we drank a few Anchor Steam beers in our new favorite Chelsea Place bar at Bush Street. I enjoyed all the days of our journey, but this one was very special for me. I could not believe that for the second time I had the luck to walk over this wonderful bridge, in the bright blue sky and blazing heat. All my worries blew away and I was very grateful.

And the next day was a lazy day. We spent the most of the day in Haight Asbury. I had an amazing breakfast and later a few Anchor Steam beers in a bar, where I wrote my blog for Santa Barbara.
Maybe the first chilling day and a little bit time to think about all what we saw and have experienced.
Then I had a good vegan burger in a vegan fast food restaurant. Wish we would have stores like this in Germany. And then it was time to take the Bart to Oakland, a small city located on the eastern shore of the bay of san Francisco. Oakland has a huge harbor. Not a sleep city, on the contrary, a work hard city.
We arrived early at the Oracle Arena. I drank one beer inside the arena, the beer at the concerts was so expensive: 17$. I love beer but that was definitely to much. I heard the supporting band Warpaint, I didn't want to get inside the arena, I enjoyed the atmosphere in the circulating area, hum hum, I like these moments before a concert. 
The concert was one of the best concerts for me of the whole tour so far. I've never expected that. All the people stood from the moment the light faded. I love this moment. It is the best moment. Light of, darkness, silence, screaming fans, headlights on, the walk in music, Martin Gore, Fletch and Gordeno and Eigner, applause and the unbelievable moment, when Mr. Gahan arrive on stage,  a wave of outcries and the show goes on. 
I had nearly the same seat as in San Jose and so I was very close to the stage again and very pulsing, vibrating, energetic show. We heard rumors that Depeche Mode would shoot the DVD in Hollywood, and  it seemed to me that Dave was very excited that evening, as if he was attending a rehearsal. The rehearsal before the big gig in Hollywood. No set list change. Dave gave all he has and the audience are very very good. Another Golden Gate. A gate of happiness. That's describe me at the concert. I danced, I sang, I cried and all the fans around me, too. Dancing and dreaming.
Best song was " Everything counts". The audience sang so great at the end of the song. I felt a shiver on my back, I wanted to stop the time. A he dance party started at " Enjoy the silence" and ended after " Personal Jesus". Sometimes I screamed so loud, I thought, Dave looked to me, because I was very close. Who knows. A penny for Dave's thoughts!!
After the show we bought great  T-shirts  by the blaketeers. With all four Hollywood dates on the backside, great.
That was our last evening in San Francisco and what could be better as an evening with Depeche Mode in one of my favorite cities of the world?

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not easy to find this bus stop

Golden Gate

In Japantown

so many lost shoes

very touristic, but it's just fun!


tasty breakfast

halloween decoration 

vegan burger

Oracle Arena

Mr. Gahan in front of the Jingle Jellyfish, playing air piano, very very funny

amazing audience

Thank you Depeche Mode

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