Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Depeche Mode in Antwerp, November 26 or "Blasphemous rumors!

In Frankfurt I didn't drink much beer and so I went Saturday and Sunday morning very relaxed and jolly to work. Only one hour after my work on Sunday my friend Thomas from Frankfurt stopped with his funny turquoise car in front of my house and picked me up to the journey to Antwerp.
Luckily Antwerp isn't very far from Cologne and I was many times in this beautiful city and so I could live without sightseeing there.
But my good intention to drink only 4 beer didn't last long. We stopped by at a belgian pub on the other side of the Antwerp Sportspalais. And Belgian beer, so delicious, you have to try it.
We met a few friends there and we heard very unsightly rumors about Dave. Maybe a few of you heard them, too. I will not repeat it, for me it is gossip factory or worse: blasphemous rumors.
If the rumors are true, I'm sure we will all hear about and you will not be able to do that with a shrug. It will affect us all and somehow we all have responsibility.
But right now I'm sniping the rumor like an annoying insect from my shoulder. Like my hero Mr. Gahan at the end of " Barrel of the gun".

So, we went in the arena. Second time on this tour, only a few month ago.
The Belgian fans are well prepared, the all had beautiful self-made flags.
The mood was surprising good. the standing area was more than full. We find a place right of the mixer. In this area I discovered Mr. Anton Corbijn and the Fletcher entourage. We heard about a special band after show party and this must be the reason why they all are in this concert.
It was a real good concert, not like Frankfurt, but good middle class. The belgians sang with the band and Dave looked very happy all the time, parried lot of fans at the end of the catwalk after " Cover me". A sign, that he like the mood and the audience.
So watch my photo story.
After the concert we ran very fast outside to leave the parking place before all the other fans will do the same and we managed to be on the highway towards home shortly after 11 pm.
Well done Antwerp, great concert!

belgian pub.

happy travel group

 a few new items are on offer

the belgian fans made this great flags, wagged it around to " where is the revolution".
Good devotees.

piroutte man at " It's no good"

The bass of the jingle jelly fish also known as  the magnificent Peter Gordeno

And who is this? the master of the art direction,
Mr. Anton Corbijn, enjoying his own work.

new screening at " Everything counts",  a simple idea but looking great

Grainne Fletcher

Anton loves his own work

Always happy with Depeche Mode

Dave and his toy

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