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Depeche Mode in Frankfurt, 24 or the Black Swarm is humming around!

Frankfurt, Festhalle, finally again. Depeche Mode didn't played there last tour. This beautiful small venue, only 13500 people.
I had Fos tickets and so I came lately by train.
I met so many friends, we are back in Germany.
The "Black Swarm" is humming around, so many people dressed in black.
Black isn't my favorite color even though I'm a Depeche Mode Fan.

Many years the members of the so called " Black Swarm" regarded me with suspicion because I'm often dressed very colorful.
But by and by they start to respect me and many of them are friends of me , now and so I was a part of the Black Swarm, buzzing around with the others.
I felt that something is in the air this evening, a kind of special energy and the air moisture was very high.
I packed my jacket and pullover in a plastic bag. I didn't like the winter concerts, it' scold outside or raining ( like in Frankfurt), you are dressed with lots of pullovers, jackets, caps, wool scarves and the queues in front of the wardrobes are so long and you spend you're time with waiting....boring.
The plastic bag is a good solution, I packed my clothes in it and I stowed it in the hall.
Look at this beautiful plastic bag:

As the Beatle snippet started, all the people on the seating places stood up and we all sang together:
" You say you want a revolution, well, you know....".

Believe me, that evening a revolution would been possible. Our leader Mr. Gahan could not have had more strength than this evening.

When Depeche Mode entered the stage, an incredible applause surfaced.
What a return. And so the German fans really sang every song from A to Z with the band. Frankfurt, I'm proud of you.
I'm not happy with the setlist cuts, but meanwhile I can understand it better. The air in the indoor arenas are so hot and Dave is sweating so unbelievable. He gave his really best, no minute without a movement. I was happy as the concert is ending, because I reached the limit of my condition, so how must Dave feel?
Strong first 4 songs, he is the King of Pirouettes at "it's no good", I could not stand on my legs after that, he can keep up with every ballerina.
Then he came on the catwalk on " Playing the angel". The front of the stage area was very intimate and I was very close. Only 5 trows behind the early entree people, who paid the double amount to get into the first ranks.
"Useless" , i read the messages of mr. Corbijn!
" Precoius", the more I hear it, the more boring I find it. At this point, our favorite band could always present another older song. I would love to hear "Dream on" or "Freelove".

" Cover me"! Enjoy the video, I was in heaven, so close to my hero! Incredible how this calm song excite the audience.

Martin sang " insight" and surprised us with a short trip over the catwalk.
"Home", the mood went so crazy, all the people sang as loud as possible with Mr. Gore. I think, he was afraid of the attention of the Germans, so that he had been on the catwalk for a short while  at " Insight" and did not enter this at  "Home" anymore.

Then Mr. Gahan came back and the german devotees show what they can...... sing.
And if any person could be like Freddie Mercury, Mr. Gahan would it be. He stole Martin the attention of the audience and conducted "Home" in Freddie Mercury style. Wonderful.

" Everything counts", maybe the best song of the whole tour, and again the Germans gave their best and Mr. Gahan was very happy. He liked it to be in Germany again and I'm happy that are so many german concerts in front of us. A few hours ago we heard, that Depeche Mode will end their tour in the good old Waldbuhne next year in July. Wow wow wow.....they know what they have about their
German audience.

The rest of the concert I danced and sang together with my friends. I'm completely exhausted after " Personal Jesus".
We drove totally happy back to Cologne and I slept like a small baby after this magnificent evening.

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