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Depeche Mode in Chula Vista, October 6, 2017 or "Arkadi, the snake charmer".

We left Santa Barbara the next morning. We picked up our car, had a Halloween shopping ( I can't resist, I love this kind of stuff) and ate a last meal in the wonderful "Natural cafe"
Our route to San Diego via Los Angeles invited us to stop in Huntington Beach. A small city with a wonderful wide white sand beach. It is known as "Surf City". We made a walk to the end of the pier where we found a "Ruby Diner", a Diner chain with design of the "Swing era". Wonderful style. We had a peanut butter milk shake ( not for me, because no vegan option) and a Gin Mule ( vegan) and deep fried green beans. I was in Huntington beach 12 years ago and I like this small-town like the last time. Very lazy friendly atmosphere. That's the crux of this journey, no time to stay...
So we made one short stop just before La Jolla, San Diego to watch the sunset and then we arrived in our nice stylish hotel " King's Inn", located at the Hotel Circle of San Diego.
Don't be afraid to sleep in a hotel of the Hotel Circle. You can walk to a tram station from where you a very fast in the city and there are some bus stops. Our hotel had a wonderful big pool ( the best of our journey). The rooms are very stylish and big. We ate a late meal in the great Mexican restaurant and next morning I went to the small fitness room while I was washing my laundry in the small launderette. Then I swam more than 30 minutes, because I fell in love with the swimming pool.

Stylish bus stop in Santa Barbara. In Santa Barbara you see rarely homeless people in contrast to the bigger California Cities. Maybe one reason because Mr. Gore is living here.

Halloween stuff in a 99 Cent shop!

Another great vegan breakfast in the " Natural Café"

Toilet with toilet brush, which is unfortunately only rarely seen in America and the common European already faces various problems. But here happy in Huntington Beach.

the wonderful beach in California, my fave beach

Ruby Diner

King's Inn Hotel

next morning running

I felt so wonderful after running and swimming. It was very warm weather already in the early morning. That's the way i want to live, warm weather and a pool in my garden.

We drove to the city centre for breakfast. We didn't find a vegan restaurant, so we asked in a big diner if it would be possible to prepare a vegan meal for us. And it was no problem. 
Most Americans are very friendly, that's no comparison to Germany, but in San Diego people are even friendlier. I felt so comfortable there.
So I had a salad with steamed tofu and drank a gin cocktail. Yes, for breakfast.... Holidays, you know?
After a walk through the Gaslamp Quarter we visited the huge and beautiful Balboa Park, climbed the tower in the park and relaxed by walking through this old Expo Park.
Then we drove to the ocean at la Jolla beach. It's a must. 
In my opinion one of the best beaches.
We drank our favorite cocktail ( you can buy Margarita in a big can for only 3$)and enjoyed the sunny weather.
Later we tried to swim, but the Pacific was in a very wild mood. Unbelievable waves. We let our clothes and bags high up on the beach, but when we got out of the water, our belongings were gone. We thought someone had stolen them, but no, one of the giant waves, that had nearly dragged us into the open sea, had whirled and scattered all our belongings all over the beach. We found them again after a while. Thankfully, the cell phones were still working, but everything was breaded with sand.
We took a shower in the hotel of Arkadi and Isa and Arkadi loaned me a few clothes. Then we had a great mexican meal with Guacomole prepared at the table and a pitcher of Magarita.
What a wonderful day, I felt so happy in my bed.


Balboa Park

La Jolla Beach

Dear Margarita!

freshly showered

Next morning our other two friends arrived. After the Santa Barabara concert they visited a Sequoia National Park and arrived now in San Diego. Before the concert in Chula Vista we went by tram to the border and crossed at pedestrians the border to Tijuana, Mexico.
The area right on the border is not very inviting, but if you walk for a while, you will discover a nice little town. First we picked up our tickets for the Depeche Mode Mexico City concerts next year in a huge shopping mall.
Then we drank a few Margaritas. Absolutely the best I ever had. Immediately after the first sip, we have ordered a second round.
Then we ate the best tacos I ever had at a small street stall. 3 men roasted meat and vegetables and prepared fresh tacos. At my request, I got a vegan taco with lots of vegetables, extremely spicy and so good. We paid $ 16 for 5 tacos and a coke. What else can I say....
Then it was time to cross the border to the USA. Thankfully our friend Arkadi parked his car near the border and had a very cover plan for parking at the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre.
The Mattress Firm Amphitheatre is a 20,500-seat amphitheatre located in Chula Vista, California. It is one of the larger concert venues in the San Diego area. You can imagine the parking situation there, when 20000 people try to park their cars.
Arkadi checked the area out and we parked in a beautiful neighbourhood and walked over a hill and then we saw the venue and the unbelievable parking queue.
We had tickets on the lawn and from there we had a good view. It was a very lazy concert. Warm weather, all people in a chilling mood. Not the best concert but a good end for this perfect day.
Many mexican fans were there. No setlist change. Dave didn't use the T-shirt gun. The band was in the same mood like us. Very relaxed.
I love to see a concert in such a venue like in Chula Vista under the bright starry sky.
Felt so happy at " Never let me down" and " Personal Jesus".
Only in the middle of the concert did the park queue come to a standstill and everyone had found their parking space. We could have stood in there if we had not had our snake charmer Arkadi, who tamed the snake thanks to maps. Thank you, dear Arkadi for driving us.

Not the best picture, but left and right from the stage in the back you can see the parking queue .

Best song of the concert. Unbelievable how Dave summons the masses with this quiet song. I always have a warm shiver on my back when he sings it live. He is also a snake charmer.

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