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Depeche Mode in London, O2 Arena, November 22 or it feels like home

This time I went by Eurostar to London. It's a very comfortable way of travel. It's nearly so fast like flying because I start in the middle of Cologne and arrived in St. Pancreas, London, only 4 stations with the tube to Piccadilly. A few minutes to walk from Piccadilly I arrived at " Mildred's, my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurant, where I enjoyed a very tasty and spicy bowl of tofu and vegetables.
Another stop at Fortnum and Mason's where I bought a few glasses with mustard.
This luxury big store has very special fine food, and I'm a mustard junkie. And to travel with Eurostar is really good because all liquids ( and Mustard is a liquid) are allowed.
Then I went by tube to Cutty Sark, Greenwich, where our hotel was located. Downstairs is the pub " Mitre" where I met my friends an hour later to a few warm-up beer.

To the O2 arena we made a ride over river Thames with a fast boat. Very cool to reach the arena from the water, took many pictures because I like this building so much.
I was many times in the O2 arena and saw Depeche Mode. I was very happy to be there again, feels like coming home....

It was an amazing concert, no setlist changes again, but despite the cuts, I like the new setlist- Very powerful and on the point.

Mr. Gahan is in an incredible mood since the winter leg is started.
He smiled so often and when he walked to the end of the catwalk, he always shook hands with many fans and interacted so much with them.
It's a pleasure to see this because there where other times ( I'm thinking of the end of the Delta Machine tour in East Europe).
Depeche Mode has announced a few more concerts for the next summer, no end in sight and it's good to see that Dave is happy while touring. I'm happy, too,  so many concerts in front of me.

I stood the whole concert between my dear friends Thomas and Michael. Happy to be together again, we made a big party, sang, danced, jumped, screamed, drank and laughed.

"Good evening, London!!!"

Every song was wonderful, first highlight for me " Barrel of the gun", we all together sang the rap with Dave and made the snarky movement with him, this sweep  of dirt from his shoulder...we laughed so much....great performance. Another piece in this list of crazy movements Dave developed while a long tour.
The time ran to fast, we were guests on board of the Depeche Mode space ship with flew with speed of light through the time.

I made pictures of the whole " Useless" video, don't know why, I'm crazy.

I had an idea as I saw the video for this blog, but I have to think about it and will it realize another time.
There are a new picture in the "World of my eyes" screening:

" Cover me", Dave again on the catwalk in very strong poses. He is so flexible, amazing for this man in the mid 50ties. Very good shape Mr. Gahan.

Than Martin with " Insight" and " Home". Perfect song for London, O2.
Another new screening video, maybe made specially for London.
As Dave came back the fans started a great sing a-long.
I was so happy at this moment and the words became true for me:
"And I thank you for bringing me here, for showing me home, for singing this tears, finally I've found that I belong. Feels like home, I should have known from my first breath."
Wow, no words could fit more, I found home on this third leg of the tour, I was completely absorbed in the concerts, every song, every move, everything was perfect for me.
Changed Depeche Mode something or did I brainwash myself?

The second part of the concerts ran still much faster then the first part.
"Everything counts", Dave gave all his best at the end of the catwalk for animate the audience for singing " the grabbing hands grab all they can, everything counts in larger amounts".
Then he said " London, you are really the best", his own personal running gag.

I missed " Wrong" but enjoyed " Stripped". Just a few minutes to breathe deeply before I had to give my best also at " Enjoy the silence" and " Never let me down". My feets are still burning after all that jumping.
1, 2, 3, 4 and  jump!!!
And then Dave has again his favorite toy in his hands, the terrible T-shirt gun.

After the break sang Martin " Strangelove" and the time was running and running...
" it's a question of time". Always the best things passed to fast.
But I liked " Question of time", Dave made his typical pirouettes and then we finally sang once again" Reach out and touch Dave!", my favorite chorus, before this great concert came to an end.

After the concert we spent a while in a bar, dancing to a few older Depeche Mode songs, met another fans from allover Europe, but we were a little bit disappointed because there was no big after show party in the O2, like every tour before.

Ivalo and me

Anette and me

So we took two taxis back to our hotel and had a few " Goodnight" beers together, we warmed-up old stories and laughed together, great reunion.
Next morning I ran up the hill to the Greenwich observatory where the Greenwich meridian is located.
Great view over the city and perfect weather for running.
Ok, and then it was time to say " Goodbye London", it was always a pleasure to be in London, a little bit short this time, but the work is calling in Cologne.
Now sitting in the connected train to Cologne, only 30 minutes away from home....

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