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Depeche Mode in Torino, December 11 or "the air is so cold here"

I woke up in Torino on Monday morning after a restorative sleep.
I went again to the small "Pasticceria" where I had breakfast on sunday.
The nice waiter recognized me and brought me my double espresso and a croissant. They had vegan croissants, never got one in Germany!
Then went back to my hotel, enjoying the privacy of our small hotel. I had a single room for half price of a double from, in our new modern world a relict of old times,
I loved this single much I like to travel with my friends and share a room with them, from time to time it is more relaxing to be alone in a room.

If you ever come to Torino you should book a room in this nice small hotel: Hotel Valentino du Parc. Very friendly crew and spacious clean rooms for a fair price.
Later one of our friends came back from Milan. He tried to flew back on Sunday to Germany, but because the massive snowfall in Germany his flight was displaced to Monday. Monday afternoon his flight was completely cancelled. So he booked the same flight as ours for tuesday and came back to spent the time with us and the second Depeche Mode concert.
How can you spend your time better than going to a Depeche Mode concert while waiting for a flight?
We asked in our hotel if they have a free room for him, they only had a double room but they only demanded half of the price. That was so unbelievable friendly, not normal in the hotel industry.
We welcomed our friend with some goodies like Lambrusco, olives and anchovies.
We went very early to the concert to drink again an aperitif at the nice bar of Saturday evening but it was closed.
In generally many bars, cafes and restaurants are closed in Torino on Sunday and Monday.
And that was the mood in the second concert. The story was told very quick.
Maybe on of the worst concerts of the tour, especially in Italy, I was very surprised.
Dave made a good show but he wasn't able to interact with the crowd.
Monday seemed not the best concert evening in Italy and Depeche Mode started with the same set until Martin sang" Strangelove". It is a pity that the band defines a setlist before and does not try to react flexibly. Dave was annoyed and showed it to the audience as well, maybe not the best idea.
" Black celebration" ( instead of "Stripped") cooled the mood right down.
We went out for smoking at " Judas" and I said to a friend " Only  "I feel you" can save the mood" and maybe they heard my babble. They played " I feel you" and a little bit spirit came back into the shack...
" Personal Jesus" then was so great like every times, really strange things.
As Depeche Mode bowed, the Italians started a funny sing a-long, they made clear which song they wanted to hear: " Just can't get enough".

You cannot play in every country or city the same, maybe Depeche Mode have to react  to the special mentality of a country. And maybe a Monday evening in a hard working country needed another setlist than on Saturday. And great show Mr. Gahan, but sometimes it would be nice if you would realize, ok, here I have to change my normal behavior and have to try something new...
I'm sure you realize that I did not like this concert so much. But here I do not blame the audience. They listened very attentively but it seemed like they didn't want to hear what they heard . Very similar to the 2nd Paris concert.
So, please do us a favor, dear Depeche Mode, work with that bad experiences and try to be more flexibel.
By random " I feel you" was the rescue of the evening, but after the show a friend of us picked up the setlist which showed that they have planned to play " I feel you".

In our hotel we shared a few beers and slept only a few hours. Then I drove my travel group safely back to Milan airport through darkness and fog. Our flight was in time and so I came in time to work.
Now I have a few pictures for you from the Monday in Torino. I recognized I was  every time in winter in this small nice city. Next time I will come back in summertime without Depeche Mode. Maybe for football....

snowy Torino on Monday

I saw this great dress in a shop in Torino and thought, wow, could be a cool dress for Mr. Gore.
But this times are gone.

my lunch

medival castle in the Valentino pard

Stressed but healthy Mr. Gahan

" I feel you"

Good night Mr. Fletch Fletcher. You was very friendly to us in Torino saying hello in the hotel bar.

This picture was taken by Torsten Werner

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