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Depeche Mode in Madrid, December 16 or "one more ride"

" One more ride.....I can't explain.....this is the last time.... I'll say goodbye...."
After the second Torino concert I had a small burnout. I had to work directly after landing from Torino and had very hard 4 days in the office. But nevertheless on Friday after work I grabbed my things and went by train to Frankfurt from where I flew in the late evening to Madrid.
For a long time I saw no possibility to go to Madrid because I'm a normal employee and have to work and I have to work many weekends. But I gave the promise to work Christmas and New Year's Eve and so I got the possibility to fly to madrid. I was so happy about this opportunity. I saw so many solved....concerts this year of Depeche Mode but no one in Spain? That could not be. This was Depeche Mode concert number 38 without Glasgow this year. This is really crazy, I know.

After midnight  I was in my hotel room where my travel mate Michael was waiting.
We drank  a few beers together before we sleep.
Next morning we met our travel group for a spanish breakfast ( I had Churros, typical spanish fat pastry, delicious) and then we went by the spanish metro into the city center.
I had the feeling all the Madrilenians were on the way in the city. Fabulous weather, blue sky, crisp and cold, all festively decorated. All the shops were totally overcrowded, everyone ate and drank and we joined in and started with a few beer. We visited the Plaza Mayor, Mercardo de San Miguel, Palacio real de Madrid. I saw this wonderful places many times, but I love all this places and the royal posturing of the Madrilenians, who pretend that they are not only little entourage, but kings themselves. Very proud people.
later we found a small taperia where we had another few beers.
I didn't find anything to eat. I know this problem in Madrid. As a vegan you have to choose the chips and beer diet. But no problem for me.

Later we arrived at the WiZink Arena formerly known as Palacio de Deportes. Completely sold out what means 16000 people.
There was a Front of the stage area but the entrances were totally blocked, everywhere people were in the way around. Once inside, you had an unexpectedly large amount of space. The Spaniards are loud, there is a lot of talking in the concert, loud singing, whistling, dancing, jostling. A very special own style, but that's exactly what I love so much .... to enjoy the respective city or country mentality.

Depeche Mode played the usual set. They all looked very solved. Christmas holidays, yeah....
While " It's no good" Dave threw Andy a kiss in the air. Like he wanted to say " Honey, we did it".

It was a great concert with many friends. We all gave our best this last time for this dear. I found a red heart balloon and danced the whole concert around with it.
Later my friend Michael said, that he wanted to be a bit closer to the stage, so I took his hand  and we walked through the masses until the sixth row. Now we were so close to the catwalk, unbelievable.

It was a highlight for me to see how Dave threw away his microphone stand at " A question of time". What kind of energy, what an amazing show, what a feat. I was so full of admiration and I swear, I gave my best, too this evening.
" Personal Jesus".... what a wonderful Goodbye for this year and as he came on the catwalk, only 1 meter away from me, the first time in my life I felt dizzy and I was afraid to faint. This has never happened to me in all of my admiration for Dave, but the last few weeks have been really tough and I guess that dizziness should tell me: "Darling, you need a deserved break now".

But I never gave up, we danced the whole night on two after show parties, believe it or not.
It was so great to meet old and new friends, while dancing to old Depeche Mode hits or other good 80ties music.
In the early morning we took a taxi back to our hotel. At 5:30 in the morning there were more people on the streets in Madrid as in Cologne Saturday night. I love Madrid.
Next day I had a few hours left to to eat together again with my friends in a tapas bar. Then I had to make my long return journey with a break in Frankfurt before I was back on Sunday shortly before midnight.

Yes, it was worth it, thank you, Madrid.
Was really hard to say Goodbye to my friends... but, in  less then 20 days we will all see us again in Hamburg.
I wish you all " Merry Christmas".
 Before this year is going to an end, I will write a summary for this amazing year. Please stay tuned, share my blog or left comments. It was a real piece of hard work. I had a few guest writers but  I wrote 39 concert reviews this year. I gave my really best and I hope you like it. Help me to get a little bit more popular by telling friends about my blog.
Thank you all for following and reading.

See ou next time!

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A end of working day wine at Frankfurt Airport

next morning in Madrid

 they have great small "Cevezerias"

only a joke, nothing to eat for me

at Plaza Mayor

a bit of fun

the spanish way of living

now we came a little bit closer to the stage

 he spits on himself


on Sunday

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