Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Angels & Ghosts

Long time ago....

After the Delta Machine Tour so many things happened in my life.

I was a long time on the road and it is not easy to go back to your normal life, but you have find back to it.

And so I did.

But a few weeks ago Dave Gahan announce his second album with the Soulsavers and...
a small tour.

I had no time to think about it and I had no vacation days at work.
But I took the chance and booked the four concerts in Europe, yeah...

Today is the release day of the album: Angels & Ghosts and now I'm sitting here, hearing the new songs and start writing the blog again.....

For 4 concerts it will be " My daily Dave blog". 

Come with me to the 4 upcoming concerts in London, Berlin, Paris and Milan.
In the moment I''m not sure how I find the new album, but Dave's voice is great.
There are some new nuances, so I'm very excited to hear the songs live.

He played in Los Angeles and New York. They streamed the shows, but I didn't want to watch it because I like the surprise.

So let me take you on a trip.....

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