Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

An evening without Dave Gahan in Dusseldorf or Heaven 17

Many weeks before Mr. Gahan announced his concerts I bought a concert ticket for Heaven 17 in Dusseldorf at Zakk. The concert was a part of the Electricity conference in Dusseldorf. It's a kind of music fair.

And the concert didn't overlap with Dave's concert, so I was very happy to go to Dusseldorf yesterday evening with a small group of good friends.
It was my third Heaven 17 concert, I saw them 2 times in Cologne.
The Dusseldorf audience was more stylish then the Cologne crowd, but it was quieter than in Cologne.

I like the getting old duo of Glenn Gregory and Martin Ware. They looked like real friends and the mood on the stage was great and this is an important ingredient for an amusing concert.
They played all their hits like " Cruised by the wheel of industry, Let me go and Temptation".
Highlight was the interpretation of " Life on Mars" , an old Bowie Song, from Glenn Gregory. He sang it maybe better than Mr. Bowie himself. I was impressed.
The concert ended  like the most Heaven 17 concerts with " Being boiled", the hit of Human League, the old band of Martin Ware. Partytime!!!!

The whole evening I asked myself what is the receipe for success? Heaven 17 was very successful in the 80ties and Glenn Gregory has a wonderful strong voice and is a nice performer. But the big breakthrough didn't come. 

And if I compare Mr. Gregory with Mr. Gahan..... There are worlds apart.

We are in a very good mood as we went to the small separated bar of the Zakk, is an old location, a centrum for alternative music and other cultural events.

And the Dj of the aftershow party was Daniel Miller. 
I saw the announcement of the DJ set a few days after I bought the tix and it was a great surprise.
I thought, maybe Dave will be there to meet Daniel, but Dave played yesterday in Munich a Promo set.

Daniel Miller looked wonderful, how old is he ? Nearly 70? Wow, hope I will be in a same condition like him when I'm 70!!!
He played a very good set, very oldschool, classical beats.
He signed me the Gahan album.

We turned back to Cologne. An evening without Mr.Gahan, but I fell happy and tired into my bed.

Now I'm in Berlin, everything worked like a charm with the flight and transfer to the city. Here in Kreuzberg I refresh me for the concert and drink a first warm up beer.
And in 2.or 3 hours it's Gahan time again, yeahhhh

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