Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Depeche Mode in Madrid or Vince Clarke in Madrid!!!!!!

I don't need many words for the day yesterday!!
Great city!!! Capital city!!!
Madrid rocks!! The concert became to my best 5 concerts of the tour!!!
" Personal Jesus " made me totally crazy!! The crowd went bananas!!!
Then the unbelievable aftershow party at the Riviera, where Dave played on his solotour!!
Great location, a discotheque in 70ties style!!
I got the chance to met Vince Clarke, he played an unbelievable Dj Set!!!! I freaked out!!!!
He signed me an autograph on my Depeche Mode ticket!
I said to him: " you are the reason why I'm a Depeche Mode fan", he answered " same like me!"
Felt into my bed at 5 a.m and now I'm awake and I'm glad to discover this wonderful city!

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