Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Depeche Mode in Lyon or " again and again"

Thursday morning I took the Thalys train to Paris, then the RER in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.
I found a quiet place to eat my selfmade salad after the bad experiences to get vegetarian food in France. Then it was time for the TGV to Lyon. 
I arrived at 4.30 pm in my hotel, so I was eight hours on the road.
After a short break and the first beer of the day I start a small sightseeing tour.
I walked over the biggest place of Europe, " la place Bellecour" and went by the funicular to the Basilique " Notre Dame de Fourviere" with the golden statue of the Virgin Mary. Wonderful building.
And wonderful view over the illuminated Lyon,a city with an old town on a hill, two rivers and a peninsula, very special city!!!
Then it was time to go to the hall "Toni Garnier". I like this hall, strange big building.

It was a great concert from the first note.
Yes, France, you can do and I was so happy that there will be three more concerts for me in France next week.
I met many friendly and celebrating fans.
Sometimes I enjoy it to travel alone, because then I could disappear in the masses, I'm only a drop in an ocean, I be able to forget my problems, I only exist with the music. It is like a recurrent meditation, I love it when it is always the same, no set changings, and when Dave perform his own little play of movements, hecklings and dances.
"Again and again".....yes it's a kind of strangelove, but it makes me happy.
In Lyon I liked every song, even Martin's songs.
After " Shake the disease", Dave came back on stage and the crowd didn't sing the typical " ohoho" like everytime after Martin's songs and he builded up in front of the first row and encouraged them to sing it. He said: " Come on, you can do that" , and he did this so long until they sing and then the whole audience did it!!!! Great job!!!!
Very happily  I went back to my hotel for a few hours sleep.
In the next morning it rained. Not nice, but with my wonderful umbrella I made a short sightseeing tour to the two antic amphitheatres on another hill of Lyon.
Then it was time to go back to Paris by train.
The break in Paris I used to visit the " Galeries Lafayette" , a big magasin where I bought every time when I'm in Paris mustard, chocolate and some other stuff.
Took the Thalys back to Cologne and spent a nice evening with my kids.

And now, sorry my dears, I'm in hurry, have to go to Antwerp, will be concert number 40 of this tour, yeahhhhhh!
"Again and again"!

 The hall Toni Garnier

Haha, moments of an approach, sorry for the bad picture.......

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